(ISN) – Following your favourite hockey player’s career from junior to college and the pros is now fun and easy using Shnarped, a free hockey app created by former NCAA hockey players and Princeton University graduates Dustin Sproat and Kyle Hagel.

For their next endeavour, the pair is expanding Shnarped’s services to the BCHL. Soon fans will be able to connect with players on each team in the league via moblie devices and follow along as they ascend the hockey ranks.

“Kyle and I are both alums of the CJHL and are now based in Vancouver so we’re excited to be working with the BCHL,” said Sproat. “Over 150 NHLers and 1500 NHL prospects currently use Shnarped, and this season many requests to add the BCHL have come in from NHL scouts, agents, fans and NCAA coaches. Covering more hockey in grassroots communities aligns perfectly with our desire to connect athletes with those who watch them play.”

(WATCH Kyle and Dustin’s appearance on CBC’s Dragons’ Den)

Each season, dozens of BCHL graduates move on to college hockey and this year 33 league alums have suited up in the NHL. The league strives for more and better opportunities for its players and Shnarped is an excellent means of meeting those goals. With the BCHL’s addition onto Shnarped, users can follow BCHL teams and player news, stats, and highlights directly alongside all the NHL content.  

“One of our missions at the BCHL is to offer increased exposure for our players to scouting, media coverage and fan interaction,” said BCHL communications director Brent Mutis. “Shnarped is an ideal way of accomplishing all of that and it allows fans to get in on the early stages of a player’s career, before they’re famous.”

Shnarped and the BCHL are currently making a push to sign up as many players as possible so they can start interacting with their fans. After a game, fans can send along a virtual ‘pound’, or fist bump, to let the player know he had a good game. Players will receive those notifications and can reply.

Players that are fully registered by Shnarped become ‘verified’ which means a fan will know their favourite player is receiving their well wishes and pounds.

Shnarped is available for free on your smart phone via the app store and is also accessible online at