Valery Rozov, a well-known Russian B.A.S.E. jumper and mountaineer has conquered the highest point in Africa (5,895 meters), and made the first ever B.A.S.E. jump from Mount Kilimanjaro, from an altitude of 5,460 meters above sea level.

Valery Rozov poses for a portrait after the Kilimanjaro BASE Jump in Tanzania (Photographer Credit Denis Klero/Red Bull Content Pool)

(ISN) – During the jump, Rozov spent more than one minute in freefall and travelled a horizontal distance of more than 3 kilometers. The elevation change between the jump point (5,460 meters) and the point of landing (the Barranco Camp, 3,950 meters) was more than 1,500 meters.

Climbing Uhuru (5,895 meters above sea level), the highest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro took five days, and it took another two days to find a suitable point for jumping and for the perfect weather to come. Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. As soon as the sun is up, cloudiness naturally appears around the mountain’s summit. Wingsuit jumps can be performed only in clear weather, so it is possible to get a “clear window” only in the early morning.

A suitable place for the jump was found at the top point of the Western Breach Wall that towers above the Barranco Valley.

‘The main problem in searching for the ideal jumping spot was that the wall was not vertical. We spent a whole day looking for it. After missing the opportunity to jump, we spent the night in the crater of Kilimanjaro at 5,750 meters. The next day, it was too windy and cloudy, so we managed to jump only on the third day of our staying on the summit’, said Valery Rozov.


Valery Rozov performs at the Kilimanjaro BASE Jump in Tanzania (Photographer Credit Thomas Senf/Red Bull Content Pool)

Valery Rozov has had many unique and interesting projects. Expanding the geography of his jumps and discovering new continents, he translates his dream into reality and rewrites the history of the world’s great peaks conquest in the style of B.A.S.E. climbing, a combination of mountaineering and B.A.S.E.-jumping. In May 2013, on the eve of the 60th Anniversary of the first ascent of Everest, Valery set a world record, performing a jump from Mount Changtse of the Himalayas at the point of 7,220 meters. In 2015, after 125 years since the conquest of the Kilimanjaro peak, Rozov performed the first ever B.A.S.E. jump from the slopes of the mountain and the highest B.A.S.E. jump on the African continent.

‘The idea of this project appeared 20 years ago, when I and my friends climbed the Messner’s route on the Western Breach Wall. With this project, I continue to develop my idea of B.A.S.E.-jumping from the highest points of different continents’, said Valery Rozov.