Ottawa Ont. Feb. 13, 2015Dressage Canada would like to remind you that the deadline to submit nominations for the inaugural Dressage Canada Volunteer of the Month Award is Friday, Feb. 20, 2015.

The Dressage Canada Volunteer of the Month Award was conceptualized and recently implemented in order to recognize the hard-working volunteers who help ensure our sport thrives! It is a great opportunity to recognize a volunteer who you feel has made a difference in the sport of dressage.

Each month, any Dressage Canada member may nominate any volunteer who has contributed to the growth of dressage, whether as an organizer, committee member, entry secretary, scribe, scorer, grounds-person, or in any other volunteer capacity that has positively impacted the sport.

Please note: the recipient of the Volunteer of the Month Award does not need to be a Dressage Canada member, but the nominator must be a current DC member in good standing.

Nominations for the Dressage Canada Volunteer of the Month Award are welcomed on a monthly basis, and can be submitted until the 20th date of each month.

For complete details on submitting a nomination, please visit: