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Assistant captain Shannon Morris-Reade


(ISN) – If there is one thing assistant captain Shannon Morris-Reade will take away from the 2015 Canada Winter Games, it’s a reminder to enjoy the moment.

The 17-year-old Port Coquitlam hockey player shared a monumental week of competition with a group of teammates who have a special bond. Though they come from communities all across the province, this particular squad for Team BC hockey has been playing together for years. Their closeness made the tournament extra special, and made their disappointment a little more bearable.

“We came here with a dream and the outcome isn’t what we wanted,” said Morris-Reade. “We were aiming for a medal but I think our team play in general has been really good. Our forecheck has been really strong.”

Morris-Reade has competed in a national event before, Canada’s Esso Cup, and is the assistant captain of the major midget West Coast Avalanche in North Vancouver. She’s college-bound this fall and will play in the NCAA. Despite a bright future in hockey, Morris-Reade understands just how special the opportunity to play in the Canada Winter Games is.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you really need to enjoy it,” she said. “It goes by so fast and your hockey career isn’t a lot of your life. To play with this group has been really special.”

Assistant coach Christina Sharun has been with Team BC for the last five years and has watched the group develop into exceptional athletes and teammates.

“This has been a great experience,” she said. “We have an awesome group of girls and I’ve not been with a group that is as tight knit as this. We suffered a heartbreaker against Saskatchewan and it was tough to not get into that semi-final but the team has gotten stronger every game of the tournament and we are really proud of their effort.”

B.C.’s hockey team was fired up by the hometown crowd and drew a lot of energy from the special events like the pep rally and opening ceremony.

For Morris-Reade, meeting athletes from all of the provinces and territories who were competing in such a wide range of events was a highlight.

Team BC finished the tournament with two wins (PEI and New Brunswick) and four losses, one in overtime shootouts (Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

Sarah Potomak (Aldergrove) led in points for B.C. with four goals and three assists. Her sister Amy had two goals and two assists, Leona Sim (North Vancouver) also scored two goals and two assists, Maegan Beres (Lions Bay) had three goals, Olivia Knowles (Campbell River) assisted on three, Natalie Stanwood (West Vancouver) had two assists, Shannon Morris-Reade (Port Coquitlam) posted a goal and an assist, Micah Hart (Saanichton) had one goal, Danielle Hardy (Nanaimo), Mikayla Orgrodniczuk (Vancouver) and Jenna Hewitt-Kenda (North Vancouver) each had an assist.