pink timber

Tali Campbell


(ISN) – Nanaimo – For the remainder of February the Nanaimo Junior and Senior ‘A’ Timbermen will be changing their logo to the colour of pink in support of the ERASE Bullying Movement across British Columbia.

February 25th is the official PINK Shirt Day where people across BC are encouraged to wear Pink to show we are united to ERASE Bullying, the Nanaimo Timbermen will be supporting this movement by showing Bullying even in the sports world is not okay.

“It was a no brainer to join this movement for the Timbermen, kids look up to our players, our players are role models whether they think they are or not so showing them bullying is not okay, we hope to help ERASE Bullying.”

For more information on ERASE Bullying visit for all the details.