Welcome to the 2015 season!  This letter includes supplement information regarding the administration of Equine Canada (EC) sanctioned competitions, and links to other resource information.  I hope you find this information useful and we are looking forward to working with you to make 2015 a great success.

2015 Competition Administration Policy (CAP)
This document is reviewed and updated annually by the EC Competitions Committee.

It is good practice and strongly recommended that this document be reviewed annually and we encourage everyone administering EC-sanctioned competitions to be familiar with the elements of the CAP.  If for any reason, the information in the CAP is unclear or requires clarification, we welcome you to contact the EC competitions department or your respective Provincial / Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO). 

2015 Schedule of Fines and Penalties
Along with the CAP, we encourage you to become familiar with this document and contact EC or your respective PTSO if you require clarification regarding any of its content. Please note the changes as of January 1st, 2015.

ISO calendar and weeks – 2016
Equine Canada is transitioning to the ISO Calendar system for the application and approval of competition dates. This calendar divides the calendar into weeks opposed to the traditional monthly breakdown for a clearer breakdown of events.

The ISO system organizes the calendar by giving each week of the year a numerical value in chronological order beginning with January. Using the 2014 calendar as an example, January 1-5 was is week #1, January 6-12 was week #2, and August 11-17 would be week #33. Under this system, each week begins on the Monday (omitting week one).

The Competitions Department and the individual disciplines will be implementing this rotating calendar system, and organizing the competition schedule in this format. Moving forward, organizers are to request competition dates by the numerical week. For example, the weekend of Aug. 15-17, 2014 would be requested as 2014-33. Equine Canada has begun to implement this system for 2015 competitions and it will be mandatory for organizers when submitting applications for 2016.

Here is a sample of the ISO calendar for 2014. Note the weeks’ numeric value on the far left of each calendar month. 2014 ISO Calendar Example

Prize List and Entry Form Approvals
Equine Canada has updated the EC Prize list approval form for 2015 and it is now a 2 page document. To go along with the new form, we have created a “how-to” to assist competition organizers and officials when creating and reviewing the prize list and entry form.

Competition Stamps
In 2015, competition stamps will no longer be provided by EC or the Provincial offices and all competition approval packages will be sent out via email.  The Stewards will not be required to stamp EC passports with the competition stamp. If the competition organizer/office wishes to stamp EC passports, it will be their responsibility to purchase the stamps and stamp the EC passports.

We would like to remind everyone to be extra diligent with regards to verifying eligibility for entries (e.g. valid PTSO membership, EC Sport Licences and Horse Passports/Licences) and to regularly review the Not in Good Standing (NGS) list published on the EC website.

For those of you accepting entries from the United States we encourage you to please read the new Fact Sheet on Accepting US Entries posted in the Competition Organizers section of the EC website.

Ineligible Entries
Continuing in 2015, awards (points, prizes, etc.) earned by a rider and/or horse who was ineligible to compete will be redistributed. We strongly encourage everyone to ensure that all competitors, owners, person responsible and horses that are competing at the competition are eligible to do so in advance of competition. 

NEW – Fillable forms
Competition forms for 2015 that are fillable online and are available at the EC website or via your PTSO website. These forms can be completed on your computer, submitted electronically and will be automatically routed to the appropriate office.

Fact sheet for dealing with acts of alleged abuse
Organizers have an important role in preventing and dealing with alleged acts of abuse. This fact sheet is intended to provide a quick reference guide to organizers in the event that an act of alleged abuse occurs at an EC sanctioned event. We ask that you please review this document and become familiar with its contents.

Emergency Support – 613-287-1515 x199
The emergency support service for competition organizers and EC officials is available solely to report emergencies related to the following:

  • Critical human injury (i.e. severe injury requiring ambulatory assistance, prolonged state of unconsciousness, paralysis, head injuries, end of life, etc.)
  • Critical Horse Injury (i.e. severe adverse medication reaction, collapse, end of life & potential disease issue)
  • Official is absent (i.e. an approved official does not present themselves at a competition in which they have been approved to work, therefore no official present)

In the event of an emergency as described above, please contact EC at 613-287-1515 x199. Your call will be routed to an EC staff person on call to receive your report. Please note this phone line will only be available on weekends when EC-sanctioned competitions have been scheduled. If the call goes to an answering machine, please leave a detailed message with your name, the name of the competition, the phone number at which you can be reached and information on the issue.  For support Monday to Friday during regular office hours, please contact the competitions department at 613-287-1515 x117 and x140.

Steward reports and accident reports
Accident reports must be submitted when a person or horse gets injured at a competition. This includes all injuries to competitors, spectators, officials, organizing committee, horses, etc. If the competition is concurrent only one steward report is required (i.e. a Gold/Bronze dressage competition only requires on steward report per steward).

Modification Forms
Any and all changes made to a competition after the submission of an initial application form require a modification form. For example: changes to the officials, venue, dates, divisions being offered, levels, etc. require a modification form.

Competition Master Report Form
As per the EC rules and CAP the Competition Master Report form which now includes the equine medication control fees (except for Ontario Competitions) with payment, is due within 14 days (including weekends) of the last day of competition. Failure to submit the forms with payments will result in penalties as outlined in the Schedule of Fines and Penalties.

Bronze Sport License Kits
Bronze Sport license kits will be available again in 2015. Please note that they must be completed fully, including the signature of the applicant with payment in order to be considered valid.  The signature at the bottom of the page, and under the amateur status (if applicable), are essential for an application to be considered complete.

Results Inputting in 2015
Results inputting tools such as Showmate, Timeslice, Startboxscoring, Horseshowtime, Fox Village, Event Entries or ShowGrounds are acceptable.  For further information or assistance please contact the staff at the EC competitions department at 613-287-1515 x117 and x140.

Equine Canada strongly recommends as a best practice for all competitions to require a current, negative Equine Infectious Anemia test (Coggins test) for all horses entering the show grounds. A current test should be defined as within six months.

We wish you the best of luck in your 2015 competition season.  Should you have any questions regarding any of the above, I encourage you to contact the team in the EC competitions department.

Kari Ross
Program Coordinator Competitions
Equine Canada

Equine Canada Competitions Contacts: competitions@equinecanada.ca

  • Kari Ross, Program Coordinator – Equine Medications, Competitions, Stewards, Officials, Human Medications and Rules, kross@equinecanada.ca and ext. 117
  • Maria-Christina Lepore, Administrative Assistant, mclepore@equinecanada.ca and ext. 140

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