* Our Young Eyes Zach Swanson were grilling Seattle Mariners LHP James Paxton (Ladner, BC), above. As well, he interviewed RP Charlie Furbush and broadcaster Dave Sims on their stop in Victoria, BC. Swanson showed his impartiality wearing an Ichiro Suzuki uniform top. Ichiro is now with the Florida Marlins.


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By Zach Swanson
A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being able to interview Seattle Mariners starter, James Paxton, reliever, Charlie Furbush and the Mariners play-by-play man, Dave Sims during a visit by the Mariners caravan to the Empress Hotel in Victoria.

I was able to ask them about their excitement for next season, as well as some, well, off-topic questions such as their Super Bowl predictions.

Who was right?

First off, starter (and BC boy) James Paxton.

(Zach)- Are you guys confident with the pitching staff and excited for next year?

(James)- Definitely. We are excited for next season with the pick-ups we’ve made and I think it’s going to be a really good season for us.

(Zach)- You’re confident with the moves you’ve made in the offseason?

(James) – Yeah, I think we’ve made some great moves, I think our team is going to be really strong coming into this year.

(Zach) – Are you guys confident that you are going to compete well against other division rivals like the Angels and the A’s when it comes down to crunch time in August and September?

(James) – Absolutely. We all feel really good about this squad that we’re going to have out there this year and I think that we could go up against anybody.

(Zach) – If you could pick any player past or present to be your teammate, who would it be?

(James) – I would have to say that having Ken Griffey Jr. on my team would be pretty cool.

(Zach) – Finally: Patriots or Seahawks?

(James) – Oh, Seahawks all the way man. (He was soooo wrong …)

Secondly, reliever Charlie Furbush.

(Zach) – Are you guys confident that you are going to fare well against other division rivals such as the Angels and the A’s?

(Charlie) -Absolutely. We showed that last year that we can compete with everyone in our division, coming up one game short last year was a little tough, but we’re all excited to get this year going and everyone really wants to do some special things this year.

(Zach) – You guys are set up to be one of the better teams in the AL, do you believe that you can live up to those standards?

(Charlie) – When you got a guy like King Felix on the mound, leading the way, and obviously Robinson Cano and the addition of (Nelson) Cruz and obviously Kyle Seager. It’s outstanding to see all those guys doing what they do and to be a part of that team I think that we’re all ready and we’re all excited and I think that we’re really going to compete not only in our division but in the entire league.

(Zach) – Have you been happy with the additions that were made over the offseason?

(Charlie) – Yeah, absolutely. I’ve been on the team since 2011 and I’ve seen this team grow and I’ve seen a lot of players and teammates who have grown including myself. After the way that last year ended, it gives us a little extra motivation to really push ourselves in the offseason and come spring training we’re going to be itching to get going because we want to get the season going because I think that we can win it all.

(Zach) – If you could pick any player, past or present to be your teammate, who would it be?

(Charlie) – I think one guy I’d pick because of his good stories and fun attitude in the clubhouse is Pedro Martinez. I’ve heard that he’s a funny guy and a great guy to be around.

(Zach) – Finally, Super Bowl: Patriots or Seahawks?

(Charlie) – I’m a Patriots fan, but the thing is the Seahawks are my number two favorite team so it’s a win-win situation. I hope Tom Brady gets another Super Bowl ring, but if Russell Wilson and the ‘Hawks get one I’ll be just as happy.

Lastly, broadcaster Dave Sims.

(Zach) – Important question: Super Bowl. Patriots or Seahawks?

(Dave) – I’ll go Seahawks 30-28.

(Zach) – You’ve broadcast many games along the way, what would be one of your most memorable?

(Dave) – Oh, it’s not even close. Felix (Hernandez)’s perfect game in August of 2012. I’ve done a lot of NFC and AFC championship games but the perfect game was something.

(Zach) – Are you excited to see how the lineup with the addition of Nelson Cruz turns out?

(Dave) – A lot of excitement, Cruz answers a lot of questions that we had last year. I mean, he was the home run champion in the major leagues last year and he’s with us now and he’s excited to be here. I was hoping he was going to be here last year. I like him a lot, he and (Robinson) Cano are good friends and that’s a potent match.

(Zach) – Are you guys confident with the way your bullpen stacks up this year?

(Dave) – The bullpen is great. We had the best bullpen in the league last year, no matter what Kansas City says, these guys were great.