National Champions crowned at UKC


National Champions crowned at UKC

“Got our swag on, we’re red hot!” This was from just one of the team cheers performed today. With the bleachers full at the University of King’s College, teams and fans got to see the championship’s final games.

Tracy Wong and Adam Dong from the OCAA 1 wear gold medals in the mixed division, with Graydon Robb and Lieuw taking silver.

The ACAA scored a medal as well, after Gillian Tetrow and Greg McGuire won the bronze medal game.

Olivia Lei will be taking the gold medal in women’s singles back to Ontario, with Rachel Smillie taking silver to Alberta and Cindy Fu claiming bronze for the OCAA 2.

The first place game in men’s singles went to three games, with OCAA 1’s Owen Kurvitz taking the last match 21 to 13 against Jessie Assing from the OCAA 2.

Ontario also placed first in women’s doubles, thanks to OCAA 1 team Suzy Yan and Yan Zhou. Their Pacwest competitors Rosalynn Chong and Veronica Yeung take silver, and Hellena Fedoretz and Kai-Lu Huang from the ACAC 1 take bronze.

For men’s doubles, Sam Kim and Andy Ko from the ACAC 1 were crowned after their final match against Ogyen Dorjee/Ross Golding from the OCAA 1. Pacwest’s Eric Chiu and Imram Wadia grabbed bronze in a third game against the OCAA 1.

Almost half of the matches in the final round went to three games, and a red card was even pulled in the gold medal series for mixed doubles. But despite the competitiveness, players still circled up to sing “why can’t we be friends?”

As the medal ceremony finishes, Halifax wraps up this year’s display of the CCAA’s best badminton.

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