Prediction Machine: Jays 31% Oct chance

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays

* The Blue Jays are at 21 seasons without a post-season appearance. The Prediction says the Jays are the second-best team in the American League East … with a 31.4% chance of making October. The Jays need productive seasons from RF Jose Bautista and DH-1B Edwin Encarnacion.


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By Paul Bessire
Prediction Machine.Com
American League
Wildcard: Los Angeles over Cleveland
Divisional: Boston over Los Angeles
Divisional: Seattle over Kansas City
League: Seattle over Boston

National League
Wildcard: Pittsburgh over San Francisco
Divisional: Washington over Pittsburgh
Divisional: Los Angeles over St. Louis
League: Washington over Los Angeles
World Series
Washington Nationals over Seattle Mariners

Toronto Blue Jays
Power Rank: 14
Division Standing: 2
2014 Wins: 83
2014 Losses: 79
Playoff Probability: 31.4%
Biggest Strengths: Infield (Plus Jose Bautista) Firepower
Greatest Weaknesses: Bullpen and Outfield Uncertainty
Most Important Pitcher: Aaron Sanchez SP/RP (was Marcus Stroman)
Most Important Position Player: Dalton Pompey, CF
Fantasy Sleeper: Kevin Pillar, LF

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