ken warren

Kenny Russ Warren

Chris Peereboom and Kenny Warren

Two best friends in their mid-twenties have been playing soccer throughout Greater Victoria and loving it for more than twenty years.

They are my son, Pat Warren, and his great friend Chris Peereboom. Well, Saturday Pat called me from Hawaii and asked me to go to Chris’s soccer game on Sunday. Pat didn’t know where the game would be played, but he said it seemed “like a pretty important game.” I didn’t commit to going, but thought to myself. I’ll try to go.
IMPORTANT? Yes, it was important! It was the Jackson Cup Game. Not only that, it was the 100th Jackson Cup Game. THE CENTURY GAME. They even introduced the all-star team of the last 50 years of Jackson Cup players. Most of the all-stars appeared in person on a stage at centre field at halftime. Some had been on 9 and 10 Jackson Cup winners.


Chris Peereboom elevating head and shoulders above the rest 

In Sunday’s game, visiting Cowichan had the lead 2-1 over Saanich Fusion with just over a minute to go to half-time, and a header by Chris Peereboom from a corner kick tied the game.
Ironically, Cowichan was leading again with just over a minute to go to full time, when Chris Peereboom tied it again with a header, this time from a long throw-in from the sideline.


Peereboom Focused 

Cowichan won the game 4-3 in the overtime, but what really crushed me was to see Chris’s disappointment. He had worked his magic and it didn’t appear to be enough. I went out on the field and gave Pat’s best friend a hug, and told him he had been the star of the game. He simply said: “Thanks for coming to the game, Kenny.”


Peereboom wins the MVP trophy in the 100th year anniversary of the Jackson Cup

I vacated the field and sadly watched the Cup of 100 years awarded to Cowichan, along with gold medals around their players necks. Saanich, of course, was given silver medals, and then, when all seemed settled and over, they announced that there was an MVP Cup. “The MVP of the Jackson Cup Game is Chris Peereboom of the Saanich Fusion,” boomed the announcer. And suddenly my day brightened. I rushed back onto the field and asked ‘Jeff the Photo Guy’ to take my picture with Chris so I could email it to Pat. Little did I know that Jeff was already taking pictures for ISN.
What I’d like to say now is “Thanks, Pat, for asking me to go to Chris’s soccer game; it turned out to be yet another amazing experience in this journey through life.”

pat chris dodgeball

Pat & Chris didn’t just play soccer together; they worked together and won Dodge Ball tourneys together. Here in Memorial Arena, Pat is bottom row, right, and Chris, top row right

Be happy with silver, Chris; you know that your skill is gold. Here’s a picture of 16-year-old Pat at the Chinese Foreign Games. He played in the Gold Medal final on the University Teacher’s team and they lost 4-2, but he scored both goals and the winning Cameroon team asked him to sit with them at the Tournament’s award’s banquet. There’s nothing wrong with silver when your heart and effort is all gold.

Kenny Russ Warren,