Apr 13, 2015

The list of winners will be updated as schools announce their male and female athletes of the year.

Each of the four regional associations select a male and female athleteas nomination forCIS Athlete of the Year.

The 2015 CIS Male and Female Athletes of the Year will be announced on May 4th at the 23rd Annual BLG Awards.

Now that the championship season is concluded, the next order of business at CIS schools across Canada is to salute their top individual award winners. That process will unfold over the next few weeks and will lead toward the ultimate award show: the 23rd BLG Awards, set for Monday, May 4th in the Martha Cohen Theatre in Calgary.

The BLG Awards are sponsored by the national law firm, Borden Ladner Gervais. They honour the best student athletes in the country, drawn from the 56 member institutions of Canadian Interuniversity Sport. More than 11,000 student athletes take part in CIS events each year. A list of the top male and female athletes at each school is whittled down to the final eight: one male and one female from each of the four conferences that make up CIS. These student athletes come to Calgary for a full weekend of activities, culminating in the awards show on May 4th which will be televised nationally by Sportsnet.

“We’ve had some incredible winners over the years,” says Doug Mitchell, founder of the awards and Chair of the Canadian Athletic Foundation which picks the winners. “They’ve come from all over the country. I never cease to be amazed at the quality of student athlete in the CIS. What they accomplish in sport and in the classroom, and what they so often contribute in their communities, is a shining example of achievement. Every student athlete who is nominated is a deserving recipient. It is extraordinarily difficult every year to pick two winners.”

Each of the nominees has participated in a sanctioned CIS sports activity for at least two years. Each nominee must be in a course of study leading to his/her first undergraduate or graduate degree. Each nominee must be either his/her school’s athlete of the year, or the school’s top athlete in a sport sanctioned by CIS. No athlete who has won a BLG award is eligible to be nominated again.

The BLG Award winners each receive $10,000.00 scholarships for use at a Canadian university accredited by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).

The BLG Awards will take place atMartha Cohen Theatre in Calgary. Check here for more info.

Last update April 13

ACADIA Janna Slevinsky (rugby) Luc Boudreau (swimming)
ALBERTA Kelsey Rocque (curling) Jesse Craige (hockey)
ALGOMA Natasha Doroodian (wrestling) Sean Clendinning (basketball)
BISHOP’S Edith Noblecilla (basketball) Kyle Desmarais (basketball)
BRANDON Donata Huebert (volleyball) Sebastien Steigmeier (volleyball)

Maria Bernard(non-CIS sport)

Coleman Allen (swimming)
UBC OKANAGAN Katy Klomps (volleyball) Jim Bell (volleyball)
BROCK Carlene Sluberski (wrestling) Nick Rowe (wrestling)
CALGARY Iya Gavrilova (hockey) Andrew Buckley (football)
CAPE BRETON Karolyne Blain (soccer) Justin Maheu (soccer)
CARLETON Natasha Smith (rugby) Thomas Scrubb (basketball)
CONCORDIA Alex Tessier (rugby) Olivier Hinse (hockey)
DALHOUSIE Meagan Bernier (swimming) Bryan Duquette (volleyball)
FRASER VALLEY Sarah Wierks (basketball) Aaron Pauls (non-CIS sport)
GUELPH Carise Thompson (Cross Country / Track & Field) Ross Proudfoot (Cross Country / Track & Field)
LAKEHEAD Jylisa Williams (basketball) Kevin Tree (cross country / track & field)
LAURENTIAN Emily Jago (non-CIS sport) Vincent Llorca (hockey)
LAVAL Not awarded Charles Philibert-Thiboutot (cross country / track & field)
LETHBRIDGE Kim Veldman (basketball) Peter Millman (track & field)
MacEWAN Kelly Fagan (basketball) Jordan Steinke (non-CIS sport)
MANITOBA Rachel Cockrell (volleyball) Alhaji Mansaray (track & field)
McGILL Mariam Sylla (basketball) Cedric McNicoll (hockey)
McMASTER Danielle Boiago (basketball) Chris Garneau (wrestling)
MEMORIAL Jessie Noseworthy (soccer) Vasilije Curcic (basketball)
MONCTON Marika Lacroix (hockey) Allain Saulnier (hockey)
MONTRÉAL Katerine Savard (swimming) Gabriel Cousineau (football)
MOUNT ALLISON Gillian Tetlow (non-CIS sport) Brandon Leyh (football)
MOUNT ROYAL Fallon Middlemiss (volleyball) Cody Cartier (hockey)
UNB Sam Lagacy (soccer) Philippe Maillet (hockey)
NIPISSING Kajsa Heyes (non-CIS Sport) Cam Branch (volleyball)
OTTAWA Pilar Khoury (soccer) Johnny Berhanemeskel (basketball)
UOIT Taylor Landry (non-CIS sport) Ben Bevan (curling)
UPEI Amy Gough (basketball) Tyler Scott (basketball)
Cole MacMillan (soccer)
UQAM Quételine Célestin (basketball) Armel Dagrou (soccer)
UQTR Gabrielle Lambert (soccer) Billy Lacasse (hockey)
QUEEN’S Liz Boag (basketball) Jacob Rumball (non CIS sport)
REGINA Adrea Propp (track & field) Addison Richards (football)
RMC / CMR Kalina Larocque (non-CIS sport) Harrison Kelertas (non-CIS sport)
RYERSON Keneca Pingue-Giles (basketball) Jahmal Jones (basketball)
SAINT MARY’S Rachel Windhorst (volleyball) Anthony Peters (hockey)
SASKATCHEWAN Annie Monteith (wrestling) Mark Ingram (football)
SHERBROOKE Laurence Beaudet (track & field) Jonathan Naisby (swimming)
StFX Emma Taylor (rugby) Scott Donald (cross country)
ST. THOMAS Marissa Walcott (non-CIS sport) Jason Cannon (non-CIS sport)
THOMPSON RIVERS Iuliia Pakhomenko (volleyball) Alex Reid (non-CIS sport)
TORONTO Eli Wall (swimming) Sasha Gollish (track & field)
TRINITY WESTERN Jessica King (soccer) Nick Del Bianco (volleyball)
VICTORIA Rachel Francois (track & field) Chris McLaughlin (basketball)
Thomas Riva (track & field)
WATERLOO Stephanie Snyder (field hockey) Vincent Chan (non-CIS sport)
WESTERN Caroline Ehrhardt (track & field) Steven Takahashi (wrestling)
WILFRID LAURIER Emily Brown (soccer) Dillon Campbell (football)
WINDSOR Korissa Williams (basketball) Spencer Pommells (hockey)
WINNIPEG Stephanie Kleysen (basketball) Finn Higgins (wrestling)
YORK Brittany Crew (track & field) Jarek Whiteman (soccer)