RE7 Global Industries Inc., an Alberta based company specializing in creating beverages to promote healthier lifestyles, announced it has added Walmart as its first national retail destination. After building its distribution network through direct sales and partnering with independent territorial distributors across Canada, RE7 has now landed an agreement with Walmart Canada. In the month of April, RE7 will be on the shelves in 264 Walmart locations nationwide.

Of the company’s latest milestone, RE7 VP Mathew Park: “We are excited that we are finally able to make the drink available nationally with a retailer as well recognized as Walmart. It’s a very important step in our quest to help people feel better by providing a healthy drink option in a market full of sugar-loaded pop and sport drinks.”RE7 contains no stimulants, artificial flavours or colours, is sweetened with stevia extract and contains 20 calories per serving.
IN 2013, RE7 identified an ideal partner with the fast-growing sport of volleyball and soon became the “Official Drink of Volleyball Canada”. The partnership with Volleyball Canada helped catch the attention of Walmart and the demand created by the national reach of volleyball enthusiasts were instrumental in finalizing the agreement. RE7 continues to promote its drink at Volleyball Canada Championships events across the country and is actively supporting and hydrating the Canada’s Men’s and Women’s indoor and beach teams on their road to the 2016 Rio Games.
About RE7 Global Industries Inc.: RE7 is a beverage company based in Calgary, AB. Founded in 2011, RE7 is committed to creating refreshingly healthy drinks, suitable for everyone, without compromising great flavor. RE7’s innovative vitamin and mineral based formula stands out by being directly responsible for the creation of the newest category in beverage classification in a highly competitive industry.
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