billy mor

The intense pursuit of sport’s mythical records and landmarks has thrilled fans down the generations, from the first four-minute mile to the perfect 10 in gymnastics.

Billy Morgan poses for a portrait during Winter X Games 18, in Aspen, CO, USA

(ISN) – But few have been achieved in such breathtaking style as when Briton Billy Morgan achieved the first quad cork, the Holy Grail for snowboarders the world over in Italy this week.

To give it its full name, a backside 1800° quadruple cork is a jaw-dropping jump containing four off axis flips and five full rotations, and after countless attempts at the trick by the world’s best, Morgan finally nailed the move in Livigno on Tuesday.

“So stoked,” said the 26-year-old Briton. “I’ve been thinking about this for so long, it’s such a relief to have it done. It could have been cleaner, but I’m still pumped!”

The skateboarding community love to push the limits and the trick is one full flip and half a rotation more than the previous biggest feat, a Triple Cork 1620, landed last month by Yuki Kadano at the US Open Slopestyle.

The jump course was designed especially for the attempt at Livigno’s Mottolino Resort and took 40 hours to build and shape.