Mark McMorris Wins 2015 Shred Show Slopestyle



(ISN) – Mark McMorris stepped up and delivered a knockout performance on his third and final run of the 2015 Monster Energy Shred Show slopestyle.

The field was stacked with Canadian riders hailing from all corners of the country. National Team athletes Mark McMorris, Darcy Sharpe, Maxence Parrot and Tyler Nicholson were on hand and ready to unleash on Blackcomb’s pristine Black Park.

‘It was 15 degrees, blue skies and no wind. It was an extraordinary day!’ said Maxence Parrot.

As the contest started, it was Darcy Sharpe who drew first blood, as he finally linked a new combination of 1260’s in his contest run.

“The run I landed was the best contest run I’ve ever done. I’m just stoked on that” said Sharpe.

It has been an incredibly progressive season for Darcy Sharpe, who finished fourth, and Tyler Nicholson, who finished fifth.

It wasn’t long until Bromont’s own Maxence Parrot delivered the day’s first backside triple cork 1440 and got the ball rolling for Whistler’s biggest snowboard slopestyle event. Maxence’s strong rail tricks mixed in with his technical jump line consisting of 1260’s and 1440’s slotted him in third position for the day.

Mark was last to drop on his third run and had no choice but to lay it all on the line. No stranger to high-pressure situations, Mark managed to beat Kyle Mack with this jaw-dropping run; Hardway Cab 270 on -270 off the first down rail, followed up with a Frontside Double Cork 1080 on Shack jump, before unleashing a Frontboard 450 out on the Turbo Tube. As Mark approached the second-last jump, he set up for a Switch-Backside 1260 then launched himself into a Backside Triple Cork 1440 on Kong.

Needless to say, all onlookers were stunned, as many have never had the pleasure of watching the Saskatchewanian deliver under pressure.

Top Results

1. Mark McMorris (Regina, SK)
2. Kyle Mack (West Bloomfield, MI)
3. Maxence Parrot (Bromont, QC)
4. Darcy Sharpe (Comox, BC)
5. Tyler Nicholson (North Bay, ON)