Anarchy Angels prove tough opponent for the Eves A-Team


Esther Beauregard (C-3Ph0)

Victoria BC: The Eves A-Team fought hard, but were unable to keep up to Mainland Misfits’ Anarchy Angels, out of Cloverdale BC, falling 265-41 Saturday night in front of a full house at Archie Browning Arena in Esquimalt.

The A-Team, comprised of the top ranked skaters in the Eves of Destruction, is now 1-1 on the season, winning their first game against Port Scandalous last month. They head out on the road to take on Terminal City’s B-Sides in Vancouver, May 9th.

Prior to the main event Saturday, the Eves’ rookie team, the Hard Cores, opened their season with a 198-126 win over the Gulf Islands’ GI Janes.

Roller derby returns to Victoria May 30th, with two games: the Eves Rotten Apples Jr Derby vs. Nanaimo’s Candy Crushers, followed by the main event, The Belles of the Brawl vs. Terminal City’s Public Frenemy.