Canada names preliminary order for Olympic Relay Qualifier



Athletics Canada has named the preliminary orders for this weekend’s 2015 IAAF World Relays in Nassau, Bahamas. Canada will field teams in the men’s and women’s 4×100-metres and 4×400-metres, the men’s 4×200-metres, and in the women’s 4×800-metres.

The World Relays feature a total prize purse of USD $1.4 million and serves as a qualifier for the 2016 Olympic Games in the men’s and women’s 4×100-metres and 4×400-metres. Teams placing top eight in those events this weekend will earn a spot on the start line in Rio.

The men’s 4×100-metres will be led off by Gavin Smellie of Etobicoke, Ont., followed by Aaron Brown of Toronto, Ont., Akeem Haynes of Calgary, Alb., and anchored by Justyn Warner of Markham, Ont.

The women’s 4×100-metres will be led off by Crystal Emmanuel of Scarborough, Ont., followed by Kimberly Hyacinthe of Lachenaie, Que., Shai-Anne Davis of Toronto, Ont., and anchored by Khamica Bingham of Caledon, Ont.

The women’s 4×400-metres will be led off by Nicole Sassine of Windsor, Ont., followed by Fawn Dorr of Marten River, Ont., Carline Muir of Edmonton, Alb., and anchored by Audrey Jean-Baptiste of Montreal, Que.

The men’s 4×400-metres will be led off by Philip Osei of Toronto, Ont., followed by Michael Robertson of Williamstown, Ont., Daniel Harper of Brampton, Ont., and anchored by Tremaine Harris of Markham, Ont.

Canada is also fielding teams in the men’s 4×200-metres and women’s 4×800-metres. The coaching staff has not yet determined the running order for these events.

The men’s 4×200-metres will consist of Gavin Smellie of Etobicoke, Ont., Aaron Brown of Toronto, Ont., Segun Makinde, Ottawa, Ont., and Dontae Richards-Kwok of Mississauga, Ont.

The women’s 4×800-metres will consist of Rachel Aubrey of Ottawa, Ont., Karine Belleau-Béliveau of Montreal, Que., Rachel Francois of Victoria, B.C., and Elizabeth Whelan of Toronto, Ont.


Start times listed are Eastern Time Zone 

Saturday, May 2

19:00 Men’s 4x400m heats

19:29 Women’s 4x200m heats

19:46 Men’s 4x100m heats

20:09 Men’s 4x800m final

20:32 Women’s 4x400m heats

21:02 Women’s distance medley final

21:29 Men’s 4x100m final B

21:36 Women’s 4x200m final

21:52 Men’s 4x100m final

Sunday, May 3

19:00 Men’s 4x200m heats

19:20 Women’s 4x100m heats

19:40 Women’s 4x800m final

20:02 Women’s 4x400m final B

20:12 Women’s 4x400m final

20:31 Men’s distance medley final

20:57 Men’s 4x400m final B

21:06 Men’s 4x200m final

21:23 Women’s 4x100m final B

21:30 Women’s 4x100m final

21:46 Women’s 4x400m final