Westshore Rebel Hopefuls Last Chance To Impress On Final Day


Erich Eichhorn (ISN) – On Friday afternoon just over 80 Westshore Rebels football hopefuls descended on Westhills Stadium to start their weekend-long trial to impress the Rebels coaching staff. 

Head Coach JC Boice, a quarterback coach himself, discusses finer points with a QB hopefull – Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

Sunday the weekend ends with hopes that all the sweat and ice packs will be justified with a chance to sign with a Westshore Rebels team making waves around BC Football Conference.  After Rebels coaching staff put players through an intense, daylong camp Saturday, it has come down to one more final opportunity at Sunday morning’s practice and scrimmage to show who is worthy of wearing the Rebel jersey. A compliment of local and import players have been drilled by National Football Academy coaches brought up from the USA by Head Coach JC Boice to help assess the talent on the field.


With the stakes higher for some, lack of effort is not an option. Running backs get an mid-morning drilling – Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

In conversation with rebels coaching staff, it is apparent that decisions on player personnel won’t be easy, nor taken lightly.  With high expectations from coaching staff, players are sure to put every effort on the final day. Although a few injuries have already materialized over the three-day event, Head Coach JC Boice isn’t afraid to push his hopefuls one last time in scrimmage to allow the proverbial cream rise to the top.  “It’s important to put the players in pressure situations to see how they react.  A full out scrimmage will give us that chance”, Coach Boice would comment.


A linebacker throws his body into a tackling dummy as his coach looks on – Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

Practice begins at 9 am On Sunday, culminating with a full contact scrimmage from 11-12 pm. The Rebels organization invites all to come down to see the future of junior football with an all-new logo, jersey’s, and a Rebel Nation UN1TE experience.