chris dash


Chris McInerny Stock Car Trophy Dash (Photo Ken Keating )

Western Speedway hosted the opening event for the Island Dwarf Cars, SDL Bins Mini Stocks, Wilson Transportation Island Stock Cars, OTRA, and the Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprint Car Series in what proved to be an eventful night of racing.

Trophy Dash wins were captured by Chris McInerney Stock Cars, George Jenson OTRA, Alex Mouner Mini Stocks, Ryan Orchard Sprint Cars, and, Miles Maxie in the Dwarf Car Series. Heat Race winners were Kyle Cottam in the Stock Cars, Heat Race #2: Joe Dardingo, Heat Race #1: Daryl Simpson in the OTRA Series, Alex Mouner in the Mini Stock Series, Heat Race #2:
Shane Woolcock, Heat Race #1: Deter Lejuene in the Sprint Car Series, and Stuart Lee in the Dwarf Cars. Matt Szauer went hard into the wall in the Mini Stock Heat race and suffered lots of damage but hopefully doesn’t put him out for the remainder of the season. On the first look of the damage it didn’t look promising for that car.

george dash

George Jenson OTRA Trophy Dash(Photo Ken Keating )

Jeremy Waksel and Alex Mouner held the front row for the start of the SDL Bins Mini Stock Feature event with Mouner taking the lead on the first lap. He gained a pretty good lead but Sean Constantine was closing in very quickly and on lap nine made the pass for the lead. Caleb Van Bree held the third spot but was forced to the pits on lap fifteen and at the same time Constantine spun out handing the lead Ryan Patterson. Constantine went hard on the gas and made the pass for second spot but ran out of laps to catch Patterson. At the flag it was Ryan Patterson, Sean Constantine, Alex Mouner, Jeremy Waksel, and Caleb Van Bree rounding out the top five positions.

 ryan dash

 Ryan Orchard WilRoc Sprint Car Trophy Dash Photo Ken Keating 

Daryl Simpson and Matt Verhagen led nine cars to the green flag for the start of the OTRA Feature event. Simpson led for the first five laps with Verhagen, Denis Morneau, and Geoff Morris dicing for the second position. On lap five Morris grabbed the lead and began to check out on the field. Joe Dardingo moved into the second spot and also checked out. When the chequered flag dropped it was Geoff Morris with the win followed by Joe Dardingo, James Miller, George Jenson, and Larry Joyce. When asked about his run to the flag Geoff said: “I was running scared with all those guys behind me”.
Miles Maxie and Tovay Helgasen shared the front row for the start of the Dwarf Car Feature event. On lap three Stuart Lee blasted into the lead and began to check out on the field. On lap six Brandon French moved into the second spot and left Maxie and Helgasen to race for the next positions. Helgasen gained the third spot but slipped just enough for Maxie to get that third spot back. On lap seventeen Helgasen roared back and retook that position. At the flag it was Stuart Lee with the win followed by Brandon French, Tovay Helgasen, Miles Maxie, and Dave Nielsen.


Seventy-seven year old Gentleman Jim Steen with sixty-one years of racing lined up with Wayne Hart to lead nine cars to the green flag in the Wilson Transportation Island Stock Car Series Feature event. Steen, driving a new car, led for the first six laps until Kevin Knight grabbed the lead. Behind him the driving was close and bump and grind as the faster cars were trying to get up front. By lap ten, Kyle Cottam was in the mix with Dave Reside, also in a new car, and Troy Tarbuck. These drivers diced back and forth with each taking a turn running in second and trading some paint. On lap twenty-one, Cottam retired his car to the pits as Reside and Tarbuck kept the battle going. On lap twenty-eight Tarbuck spun around and lost several positions. When the dust settled Kevin Knight took the win followed by Dave Reside, Chris McInerney, Jim Steen, and Wayne Hart rounding out the top five positions.
Guy Barrett and Dave Emmerson led fifteen drivers to the green flag for the start of the Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprint Car Feature event scheduled for thirty laps of racing. On lap three Barrett and Emmerson got together on turn two with both cars getting into the backstretch wall. This caused a chain reaction as the field was still in a tight bunch and left several drivers with no place to go or time to take evasive action. Tyler Clough and Tim Openshaw both flipped but were not hurt and along with Barrett were done for the night. Emmerson was able to return to the track after a visit to the pits. On the restart, Duane Zeinstra grabbed the lead followed by Ryan Orchard and Mike Haslam. On lap nine Zeinstra slipped enough allowing Orchard to take the lead with Haslam and Deter Lejeune next in line. On lap thirteen Jeff “The Hurricane” Montgomery moved into the third position and on the next lap dove to the inside and took over the second spot and began to run down Orchard still in the lead. On lap twenty-eight the yellow came out as Orchard drove his car to the pits setting up a green, white, chequered for the last of the race. At the chequered flag is was Jeff Montgomery with the win followed by Jeff Bird, Duane Zeinstra, Shane Woolcock, and Mike Haslam in the top five positions. Jeff said: “I didn’t think I had a chance at this one after getting caught up in the 3rd lap crash”. Someone had run over his tire trying to evade the earlier pileup.
The next event at Western Speedway is the return of the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Mini Figure 8s, and the Bomber Series. Also on this card is a Total Destruction event schedule for May 9th.