Velox Rugby News For First Week Of May

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Weekend Results

The club won both semi-final matches Saturday against Capilano, sending the premier women and 3rd div men to the BC finals this Saturday!

The women over powered the opposition 72-14, and find themselves playing Burnaby in the final for the fifth year in a row. The Valkyries won their last encounters 33-10 and 31-0 in regular season, so are clear favorites going in. The 3rd div game was a tighter one at 39-17 for the good guys. Next up, for the BC championship, will be Kelowna.

Both matches are to be held at Klahanie Park in North Vancouver (11:30 for the women,1pm for the men), so bus transportation has been arranged and available for supporters:

A school bus will pick up the Ladies Premier Team and any supporters wishing to travel with them @ 5:30 am at Velox to catch the 7:00 am ferry. The same bus will go back to Velox and pick up the 3rds and supporters and drive to Schwartz Bay to catch the 9:00 am Ferry. We will walk-on, and other buses will meet us at Tsawwassen to take us to Klahanie Park.

Everyone will be catching the 7:00 pm ferry back, so buses will pick us up at 5pm. Again we walk-on, and get picked up by buses and returned to the club. Everyone is responsible for paying their own way on the ferry. Supporters pay $30 for all bus transportation. If you are a supporter interested in going, contact Christel (250-347-4396 byWednesday at 4pm (pay her Thursday at Velox).


Our next club night is dedicated to the current senior players, both men and women. The women will be hosting a player auction in preparation for their big game Saturday, and there will be food available, club gear for sale, and touch rugby for those not training. The 3rds will be having a practice: 6:30 for those who can make it.

Player Awards

Congratulations to all the members, players and volunteers listed below for their dedication and leadership to making Velox the special club, place and family that it has become. Velox has added 2 new awards: Parker Johnston award and Greg Claque Award. (definitions for them are on the Velox Website:

Premier Women

• Premier Women MVP Back 2015 – Amanda Thornborough

• Premier Women MVP Forward 2015 – Barbara Mervin

• Premier Women Coach’s Award 2015 – Brittany Sims

• Premier Women Most Improved Player 2015 – Sian Jeffreys

2nd Division Women

• 2nd Div Women Most Improved Player 2015 – Gloria Figueroa Faetz

• 2nd Div Women Outstanding Leadership 2015 – Lianna Teeter

• 2nd Div Women Rookie of the Year 2015: Bridget Connors

• 2nd Div Women Dedication Award 2015: Kate Parkinson

Men’s Team

• 1st Div Men MVP 2015: Matt Kemp

• 1st Div Men Best Forward 2015: Connor Bottrell

• 1st Div Men Best Back 2015: Conrad Newell

• 1st Div Men Rookie of the year 2015: Tanner Holland

George Jones Award

• George Jones Award 2015 – Matt Evans/Brittany Simms

Lifetime Member

• Velox Lifetime Member – Christel Hume

• Velox Lifetime Member – John Lyall

• Velox Lifetime Member- Brian Beglau

Charleton Smith Award

• Charleton Smith Award 2015- Brian Beglau

Greg Clague Award

• 2015- Cory Walker / Dacey Livingstone

Parker Johnson Award

• 2015 – Marlene Donaldson