Roster changes announced for CIS East-West Bowl

East West Bowl


OTTAWA (CIS) – Canadian Interuniversity Sport announced Friday roster changes for the 13thannual East-West Bowl. The 2015 CFL prospects game is set for Saturday at 2 p.m. at McGill University’s Percival Molson Memorial Stadium in Montreal and can be seen live on the web

Official website (including ticket info):

Three players originally selected to the West roster have been forced to the sidelines, including Acadia offensive lineman Chris Fanning as well as Waterloo teammates Brandon Corelli, a linebacker, and Paul Kaija, a defensive lineman. They were replaced at their respective positions by Acadia’s Ethan Charters, Montreal’s Alexandre Cromer-Émond and McGill’s Ousmane Guindo.   

On the East side, a pair of changes on the defensive line see Sherbrooke’s Jordan Dablé and Montreal’s Mathieu Dupuis replacing Maxime Dugas, also of Sherbrooke, and Jordan Reddingof Mount Allison.

The East-West Bowl showcases CIS players who will be eligible for the following year’s CFL draft.

The East side is comprised – for the most part – of student-athletes representing schools from the AUS and RSEQ conferences, as well as Carleton, Ottawa, Queen’s and Toronto. The West contingent is made up of players from Canada West and the remaining OUA universities.



2014 (at Western): East 19, West 12

2013 (at Western): West 18, East 17

2012 (at Western): East 24, West 16

2011 (at Western): East 34, West 27 (OT)

2010 (at Western): East 12, West 9

2009 (at Western): West 16, East 7

2008 (at McMaster): East 25, West 12

2007 (at Laval): West 22, East 19 (OT)

2006 (at Laval): West 34, East 26 (OT)

2005 (at Laurier): West 34, East 16

2004 (at Laurier): West 21, East 12

2003 (at Laurier): West 10, East 5


Tuesday, May 5

19:00-20:00 (McGill Athletics Complex): First Meeting 

20:00-22:00 (McGill Athletics Complex): Team Meetings

Wednesday, May 6

10:00-13:00 (Bell Sports Complexe – Brossard): Combine (participating players)

16:00-18:00 (Molson Stadium): Practice 1

18:00-22:00 (Molson Stadium): CFL Free Agency Camp (non-participating players)

20:00-22:00 (McGill Athletics Complex): Team Meetings

Thursday, May 7

10:00-12:00 (Molson Stadium): Practice 2

16:00-18:00 (Molson Stadium): Practice 3

18:45-20:30 (Douglas Hall – McGill): Banquet

20:30-22:00 (McGill Athletics Complex): Team Meetings

Friday, May 8

10:00-12:00 (Molson Stadium): Practice 4

16:00-18:00 (Molson Stadium): Practice 5

Saturday, May 9

9:00-14:00 (Molson Stadium): Coaches Clinic

14:00 (Molson Stadium): East West Bowl





Pos.     Name                                       University       HT       WT      Hometown



QB       Drew Burko                             Saskatchewan  6-4       220      Saskatoon, Sask.

QB       Brandon Leyh                          Mount Allison  6-2       220      New Westminster, B.C.

RB       Vincent Davignon                    Bishop’s          5-9       185      Granby, Que.

RB       Lukas Gavac                            Toronto            6-1       223      Mississauga, Ont.

RB       Luis Guimont-Mota                 McGill             5-9       190      Quebec City, Que.

RB       Nicholas Narbonne Bourque   Montreal          5-9       235      Saint-Jérôme, Que.

RB       Thomas Troop                         Acadia             6-0       215      Alliston, Ont.

REC     Louis Brouillette                      McGill             6-0       175      Sherbrooke, Que.

REC     Doug Corby                             Queen’s           6-2       195      Burlington, Ont.

REC     Félix Faubert-Lussier               Laval               6-0       221      Montreal, Que.

REC     Nicholas Gaudreault                McGill             5-11     179      Lachine, Que.

REC     Brian Jones                              Acadia             6-4       230      Enfield, Ont.

REC     Llevi Noel                                Toronto            6-2       200      Toronto, Ont.

REC     Matt Rose                                Mount Allison  6-3       210      Sackville, N.B.

REC     Donald Tabor                          StFX                6-1       230      Dartmouth, N.S.

OL       Jean-Philippe Bérard                Sherbrooke      6-4       310      Cowansville, Que.

OL       James Comeau                         StFX                6-2       300      St. Albert, Alta.

OL       Pierre-Olivier Daloze               McGill             6-2       276      Laval, Que.

OL       Philippe Gagnon                      Laval               6-8       295      L’Ancienne-Lorette, Que.

OL       Roman Grozman                     Concordia        6-4       310      Tel Aviv, Israel

OL       Jason Lauzon-Séguin               Laval               6-4       300      Pointe-Claire, Que.

OL       Bobby Thomson                      Carleton           6-4       275      Montreal, Que.

OL       Charles Vaillancourt                Laval               6-4       325      Coaticook, Que.



DL       Stefan Carty                             Carleton           6-1       249      Toronto, Ont.

DL       Lucas Cristovao                       Saint Mary’s    6-2       230      Markham, Ont.

DL       Jordan Dablé                           Sherbrooke      6-2       256      Grenoble, France

DL       Mathieu Dupuis                       Montreal          6-1       295      Laval, Que.

DL       Aaron Jervis                            Toronto            6-4       256      Oakville, Ont.

DL       Rashid Timbilla                       Ottawa             6-3       252      Nepean, Ont.

LB       Tanner Care                             Ottawa             6-1       215      Burlington, Ont.

LB       Makenzie Fox                          Saint Mary’s    5-11     206      Bedford, N.S.

LB       Alexandre Gagné                     Sherbrooke      6-1       215      Saint-Hubert, Que.

LB       Shayne Gauthier                      Laval               5-10     215      Dolbeau-Mistassini, Que.

LB       Arto Khatchikian                     Concordia        6-1       220      Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Que.

LB       Michaël Langlois                     Laval               6-0       210      Amos, Que.

LB       Marc-Antoine Laurin               Ottawa             6-1       215      Cantley, Que.

DB       Gaël Bernard-Perron                Sherbrooke      5-10     185      Magog, Que.

DB       Michael Bohan                        Mount Allison  6-1       200      Sackville, N.S.

DB       Mikael Charland                      Concordia        6-4       210      Gatineau, Que.

DB       John Connors                          Toronto            6-1       190      Barrie, Ont.

DB       Alexandre Doucet                    Montreal          5-11     195      Montreal, Que.

DB       Paolo Edwards                         StFX                5-9       180      Hamilton, Ont.

DB       Ryan Hector                            Bishop’s          6-0       180      Brampton, Ont.

DB       Rashawn Perry                         Concordia        6-0       180      LaSalle, Que.

DB       Maïko Zepeda                          Montreal          5-8       200      LaSalle, Que.


Special Teams

K         Félix Faubert-Lussier               Laval               6-0       221      Montreal, Que.

K         Dillon Wamsley                       Queen’s           5-11     190      London, Ont.

Originally selected but unable to participate:

DL       Maxime Dugas                        Sherbrooke      6-3       225      Maria, Que.

DL       Jordan Redding                       Mount Allison  6-4       235      Halifax, N.S.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Danny Maciocia (Montreal)

Offensive Coordinator: Danny Desriveaux (Montreal)

Defensive Coordinator: Paul-Eddy Saint-Vilien (Montreal)

Special Teams Coordinator: Kevin Mackey (Bishop’s)

Quarterbacks: Nate Weiss (Toronto)

Running backs: Dean Jones (Saint Mary’s)

Receivers: Steve Snyder (StFX), Luigi Costanzo (Toronto)

Offensive Line: Brad Collinson (Laval), Pat Sheahan (Queen’s)

Defensive Line: Glen Constantin (Laval)

Linebackers: Guillaume Boucher (Sherbrooke)

Defensive Backs: Kevin Mackey (Bishop’s), Nathan Taylor (Concordia)




Pos.     Name                                       University       HT       WT      Hometown



QB       Will Finch                                Western           6-3       215      Burlington, Ont.

QB       James Fracas                            Laurier             6-0       195      Waterloo, Ont.

RB       Declan Cross                           McMaster         5-11     215      Oakville, Ont.

RB       Wayne Moore                          McMaster         6-0       222      Etobicoke, Ont.

RB       Mercer Timmis                        Calgary            6-1       220      Burlington, Ont.

REC     Brett Blaszko                           Calgary            6-4       215      Burlington, Ont.

REC     George Johnson                       Western           6-3       188      London, Ont.

REC     Greg Nyhof                             Laurier             6-4       225      Georgetown, Ont.

REC     Brydon Ozmun                        Saskatchewan  6-0       200      Nipawin, Sask.

REC     Dustin Pedersen                       Manitoba         5-11     215      Nanaimo, B.C.

REC     Jimmy Ralph                           Alberta             5-10     188      Raymond, Alta.

REC     Riley Wilson                            Regina             6-3       205      Regina, Sask.

OL       Randy Beardy                          Windsor           6-7       280      Sarnia, Ont.

OL       Jamal Campbell                       York                6-7       295      Toronto, Ont.

OL       Ethan Charters                         Acadia             6-5       300      Oromocto, N.B.

OL       Drew Digout                            Saskatchewan  6-4       265      Saskatoon, Sask.

OL       Kyle Fraser-Audit                    Guelph             6-5       283      Port Colborne, Ont.

OL       Zach Intzandt                           McMaster         6-5       290      London, Ont.

OL       Sean Jamieson                         Western           6-7       316      Winnipeg, Man.

OL       Taz Martin                               Waterloo          6-5       315      Elmira, Ont.

OL       Alex McKay                            Manitoba         6-5       285      Winnipeg, Man.


DL       Rupert Butcher                        Western           6-5       296      London, Ont.

DL       Donnie Egerter                         Guelph             6-3       285      Niagara Falls, Ont.

DL       Ousmane Guindo                     McGill             5-10     219      Laval, Que.

DL       David Onyemata                      Manitoba         6-4       300      Lagos, Nigeria

DL       Boyd Richardson                     UBC                6-3       235      Regina, Sask.

DL       Ethan Sadowski                       UBC                6-5       257      Delta, B.C.

LB       Alexandre Cromer-Émond       Montreal          5-8       215      Price, Que.

LB       Joey Dwyer                             Regina             6-2       200      Regina, Sask.

LB       DJ Lalama                               Manitoba         6-1       220      Winnipeg, Man.

LB       Curtis Newton                          Guelph             6-2       220      London, Ont.

LB       Anthony Petrucci                     Laurier             6-0       195      Sarnia, Ont.

LB       Frank Renaud                          Windsor           6-1       215      Windsor, Ont.

LB       Michael Runowski                   York                6-2       225      Burlington, Ont.

DB       Elie Bouka                               Calgary            6-1       205      Laval, Que.

DB       Austin Crumb                          Windsor           5-11     195      Harrow, Ont.

DB       Tristan Doughlin                      Guelph             6-0       185      Toronto, Ont.

DB       Dylan Kemp                            Saskatchewan  5-11     195      Rosetown, Sask.

DB       Cyril Iwanegbe                        Calgary            5-9       190      Brooks, Alta.

DB       Michael Schmidt                      Calgary            5-11     190      Calgary, Alta.

DB       Josh Small                               York                5-9       175      Pickering, Ont.

DB       Hunter Turnbull                       Calgary            5-11     180      Calgary, Alta.


Special Teams

K         Stephen Fabian                        Alberta             6-2       165      Tilley, Alta.

Originally selected but unable to participate:

OL       Chris Fanning                         Acadia             6-2       305      Ottawa, Ont.

DL       Paul Kaija                               Waterloo          6-2       225      Sarnia, Ont.

LB        Brandon Corelli                       Waterloo          6-0       220      Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Brian Dobie (Manitoba)

Offensive Coordinator: Joe D’Amore (Windsor)

Defensive Coordinator: Wayne Harris Jr. (Calgary)

Special Teams Coordinator: Paul Orazietti (UBC)

Quarterbacks: Michael Faulds (Laurier)

Running Backs: Tom Flaxman (Western), Dwayne Masson (Regina)

Receivers: Jason Sulz (Alberta), Mark Surya (Laurier)

Offensive Line: Scott Flory (Saskatchewan), Chris Morris (Alberta), Sheldon Neald (Regina)

Defensive Line: Ryan Karhut (York)

Linebackers: Donnavan Carter (Windsor), Matt Robichaud (Waterloo), Adam Grandy (Guelph)

Defensive Backs: Dwayne Cameron (Laurier), Nial Both (Waterloo), Devin Kavanagh (Guelph)