cantough guy

By K.W.Keating 

Canadian Tough Guy In Action  Photo K.W.Keating 


Courtesy of The Market on Millstream, Skeletor, Identity Theft, Canadian Tough Guy, Rockstar, & California Kid, are all monsters that made their way onto the track at Western Speedway Friday and Saturday night thrilling the thousands of fans that filed their way into the grandstands both nights.



Skeletor Goes Airborne Photo K.W.Keating 

The “Leave it on the track” attitude of the drivers of these monsters have made them very popular here with their high flying full throttle approach to all the jumps breaking the trucks or blowing motors which they did on Friday. The shocks they broke on Rockstar Friday were replaced for the Saturday event but the blown motor put an end to the California Kid. On Saturday, they broke something in the suspension to the Canadian Tough Guy but not before he thrilled the fans. The best stunt was done by Bill & Lorna Payne in Rockstar when they pulled a rear tire wheelie all the way from the first jump through to the second jump never laying off the throttle during Saturday’s event.


 Rockstar in action Photo K.W.Keating 

This team of drivers and trucks are owned and operated by Bill & Lorna Payne out of Port Orchard, Washington and are scheduled again in late July.


Identity Theft Soars Through The Air Photo K.W.Keating 

Along with the Monster Trucks, the fans witnessed some pretty good racing with the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bomber Series and monster performances by some of these drivers. Trevor Cannon was a multiple winner with a Dash and Heat race win, Joe Liberatore saw his consecutive streak end on Friday but still won a Dash and Feature taking eight of nine races since opening night.

Tristin Gait won the Bomber Feature after a great race with Brandon Steen, Brian Baltis, and Aaron Cameron. Gait took the lead with only two laps left in the race. On Saturday night, Gait was again in contention after a lengthy battle with Sean Whitley and Sam Lagan. Whitley took the lead on lap eleven and held off the challenges until the very last lap when Lagan pulled to the inside and went by for the lead while also holding off Gait in another very close and exciting race in the Bomber Series. Not to be outdone, Billy Stidston had a monster week end pulling out a hard fought “clean sweep” on Saturday.

Rhett Smith drove for Stidston on Friday and won the Trophy Dash for the #95 truck. Brandon Young, doing double duty, won the Demo Truck Heat and Feature event and also pulled the Feature win in Figure 8s Friday and then topped the week end off with another win in the Figure 8 Feature on Saturday. Nolan Perry won his first race ever with a victory in the Figure 8 Trophy Dash on Saturday.

Sean Whitley was a Heat race winner both nights and led several laps during these events. Other multiple winners included Cody Young, Bill Gallacher, and George Haywood. Hard hits were eveident both nights as the Figure 8 track looked like a war zone after the Feature events. Kudos to Doug Richens who suffered a real bad crash on Friday when he got pushed into the front stretch wall and crumpled the front end of his car and then had it repaired enough for Saturdays competition. Both nights also featured a demonstration by Capital City Drift with their brand of side by side drifting and tire burning races. Jen, JayCee, and Claire were quite busy presenting all the winners with their trophies for the respective classes.

May 22nd:

smoking joe

Smokin Joe Photo K.W.Keating 

Trevor Cannon – Figure 8 Trophy Dash, Joe Liberatore – Demo Car Trophy Dash, Rhett Smith – Demo Truck Trophy Dash, Bill Gallacher Jr. – Bomber Trophy Dash, Cody Young – Demo Car Heat Race, Brandon Young – Demo Truck Heat Race, Stephen Green – Figure 8 Heat Race, Sean Whitley – Bomber Heat Race, Brandon Steen – Bomber Heat Race, Brandon Young – Figure 8 Feature Event, Tristin Gait – Bomber Feature Event, Joe Liberatore – Demo Car Feature Event, Brandon Young – Demo Truck Feature Event

Saturday May 23rd.


 Nolan Perry – Figure 8 Trophy Dash Photo K.W Keating 

Billy Stidston – Demo Truck Trophy Dash, Nolan Perry – Figure 8 Trophy Dash, Sean Whitley – Bomber Trophy Dash, Cody Young – Demo Car Trophy Dash, George Haywood – Demo Car Heat Race, Billy Stidston – Demo Truck Heat Race, Bill Gallacher Sr.- Bomber Heat Race, Brian Wakelin – Bomber Heat Race, Trevor Cannon – Figure 8 Heat Race, Bill Gallacher Jr. – Figure 8 Heat Race, Brandon Young – Figure 8 Feature Event, Sam Lagan – Bomber Feature Event, George Haywood – Demo Car Feature Event, Billy Stidston – Demo Truck Feature Event

sean whitly

Sean Whitley – Bomber Trophy Dash Photo K.W Keating 

The next event at Western Speedway is scheduled for Saturday, May 30th with the Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprint Cars, Wilson Transportation Island Stock Cars, SDL Bins Mini Stock Series, and the first appearance for the Keg Steakhouse & Bar Late Model Twin 50s.