By Ken Keating 

Jeff Atamian, driver of The Beast fired his machine up Photo Ken Keating 

Western Speedway hosted its the Night Of Mayhem presented by Slegg Building Materials with the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers.

Also on the card was a demonstration by Capital City Drift, the ever popular boat race, and The Beast Jet Dragster from Madera, California. Trophy Dash wins went to Kenny Baker in the Demo Trucks, Sam Lagan in the Bombers, Alex Carey Figure 8s, and Doug Richens in the Demo Car Series. Heat race victories went to Kenny Baker in the Demo Trucks, Doug Richens and Brandon Young in the Demo Cars, Daniel David and Sean Whitley in the Bombers, Bill Gallacher Jr. and Daryn Cahill in the Figure 8s. The Boats didn’t survive very long but in the end and after a lot of hits, Doug Richens had the most boat left and took home the winning Trophy. When Jeff Atamian, driver of The Beast fired his machine up, everyone was looking for ear plugs as it produces quite a sound and the more throttle up the louder it gets. When he “pops” it you not only hear it you feel it big time. When the sound waves hit you, it goes through like a lightning bolt and even high in the tower they felt the shake from the huge jet engine popping. Jeff made three appearances with the dragster and his last event was to toast a Volvo with the after burner lighting up the night and reducing the Volvo to a shelled out wreck. Parts, sparks, and flames were thrown several hundred feet down the front stretch from the brute force of the power generated from the after burner blowing everything, including the hood, from the Volvo. Impressive for sure. Capital City Drift thrilled the crowd with their side by side drifting and tire burning for two demonstrations.


Sam Lagan – Bomber Trophy Dash — with Jen Wright,Katherine Lore and Linda Lagan.Photo Ken Keating 

Seventeen cars, led by fourteen year old Tanner Jacobs and Kevin Knight, took the green flag for twenty laps of racing in the Figure 8 Feature event. With the large car count in the small confines of the Figure 8 track, the hits were plentiful and some quite hard. One driver had his air back pop giving him a little extra challenge. Bill Gallacher Jr., Rhett Szevics, and Kyle Rizok all took turns with the lead and in fact, Rizok led for eleven laps when Jacobs took over the lead. Tanner Jacobs took the chequered flag followed by Jeff Foley, Kyle Rizok, Daryn Cahill, and Trevor Cannon rounding out the top five.


Doug Richens – Demo Car Trophy Dash Photo Ken Keating 

As with the Figurev 8s, the Demo Cars and Trucks combine for a twelve vehicle Feature event with many cars or trucks dropping like flies. Billy Stidston had mechanical difficulties all evening entering the pits with blue smoke coming from his #95 truck. Kenny Baker also entered the pits late in the race but was able to fix his over heating truck enough to get back on track and took the chequered flag as he was the only truck to actually finish. This win gave Kenny a clean sweep for the night. George Haywood also completed the required laps and grabbed the chequered flag for the Demo Car Series. George Haywood, Doug Richens, and Joe Libertore were the top three Demo Cars while Kenny Baker, Eddy Cooper, and Jeremy Woodruff were the top three Demo Trucks.
Tony Kambo and Daniel David shared the front row for thirty-five laps of racing in the Bomber Feature event. David got out to the early lead and held same for the first five laps. Brian Baltis passed for the lead on lap six followed quickly by Aaron Cameron and Sam Lagan. On lap seventeen, Cameron took the lead with Lagan taking the second spot two laps later. These drivers were bumper to bumper for several laps with Lagan looking for a chance to get under Cameron and grab the lead. Going into turn one a small opening seemed to be there but Lagan pushed too hard and slid along the grass on the inside of the turn and tried hard to avoid taking out the leader as well and lost several positions. Cameron took the chequered flag followed by Sean Whitley, Bill Gallacher Sr., Bill Gallacher Jr., and Mike Whitley rounded out the top five positions.
The next event at Western Speedway is scheduled for June 12th and 13th for two nights of racing for the prestigious Strawberry Cup. You will see the Richlock Rentals WilRoc Non Wing Sprint Cars, the winged Sprint Cars, and the CAMRA Super Modified Reunion.