By Cheryl Brown 

Midget Lacrosse Provincials are being held this week in Prince George. It is the usual line up of participants in A1, A2, B and C Divisions. All teams are battling hard to make it to the semi finals and on to the medal rounds. It is no different than any other year. Teams win, teams lose and one team in each division prevails as Provincial Champion.

JDF Midget A1 supporting JDF Midget C

This is my son’s final year in minor lacrosse so I have been to many provincial tournaments. It is pretty much routine now. I know what to expect as far as the round robin and the formula that is followed goes. It is always the same feel. This year however there was something very different. I noticed at my sons Juan de Fuca(JDF)A1 game that the JDF C team was in the stands. They were dressed in their team golf shirts and shorts and I assumed that they were there because they played after us. I was wrong. The C team didn’t even play that day. They were there as a team to cheer on our team. They had made a decision as a team to come to the arena and support us. The players in the stands would cheer the great plays and talk with excitement amongst themselves about the hits and the goals scored. After the game, which we unfortunately lost the players waited around to talk to our boys and discuss the game. I watched from a far as the two groups of boys talked shop. I could tell that it meant a lot to our boys that the C team was there.

When I went to take my seat in the stands to watch our game the following day I noticed that the C team was already seated. One game was great but a second game (again the team was clothed in their golf shirts and shorts) was very classy. I was proud of our boys who were battling on the floor but I also felt great pride in the Midget C team for supporting another team in their association.


JDF Midget A1 Supporting Saanich A1

Sometimes there is jealousy between teams in the same division. Some players feel that they should be on the A team when they are placed on the B or C squad and as a result don’t talk to the players who make the rep teams. This definitely was not the case. In fact the A1 team decided to go and support the C team in their next game. Our entire team including parents and coaches filed into the smallest arena in the complex and cheered and clapped and yelled at the top of our lungs during the entire game. It was obvious that our team helped fuel the C team to a very lopsided win over their competitor.

After the C game our team moved to the other arena to catch the last of the Saanich A1 teams game. Saanich is our strongest competitor on the island in our division. The boys battle fiercely on the floor but off of it a lot of them are friends. I was thrilled to see our entire team again with coaches and parents cheer on Saanich. When one of the Saanich boys scored an amazing back handed goal the arena erupted in cheering from both our and the Saanich fans. I felt such pride watching our boys supporting a competing team. Many would say that the big stories at Provincial Championship tournaments are the upsets and battles leading up to Provincial Gold but I think the true story at the 2015 B.C. Midget Provincials is the friendship and support the JDF A1 & C teams showed to one another and the Saanich A1 team. I am very proud to have had my son play his entire minor lacrosse career with JDF on Vancouver Island.