Story/photos by Ken Keating

What was billed as a Monster Weekend took place at Western Speedway as the Langford oval played host to two days of racing with the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bomber Series. This weekend also saw the second appearance of the Monster Trucks for the 2015 season that included the Canadian Tuff Guy, Troublemaker, Blown Income, and Tow Monster. Also on hand were members of Capital Drift putting on a demonstration of their kind of out of control race track dance all the time in control.



On Friday afternoon, Mother Nature decided it was time for a change of the really hot weather and brought rain showers and cooler temperatures to the Victoria area. Although it altered the natural proceedings somewhat she did not dampen the enthusiasm or resolve of the 1500 or so fans that hung around waiting to see if a show would actually take place. Braving the on and off showers, the fans were treated to Trophy Dashes, Heat races, and Feature events for the various classes of races plus high flying earth shaking performances by the Monster Trucks on both nights. Hit to pass racing was a little less harsh as the cars slid a lot easier and further with the slippery track conditions. The wet didn’t affect the Monster Trucks either as they spun donuts that made you dizzy just watching them. It didn’t affect how high or far they travelled getting serious air and distance as they lept over crashed cars and even broke things such as an axle and leaving for home with some sheet metal left behind as they ripped it up at full throttle. The Drift team didn’t let the wet track bother them either as they do that kind of slide rain or shine.



Brandon Young turned in a Monster Weekend pulling out a Clean Sweep in the Figure 8 Series on Friday and winning two of three races Saturday night. Billy Stidston also was a monster pulling out a Clean Sweep both nights and has all but locked up a second Championship in the Demo Truck Series. George Haywood had a good week end winning the Demo Car Feature event both nights. Stuart Campbell used the wet track as an advantage and won his first ever Bomber Series Feature event Friday night, a monsterous achievement for this young racer.

 bomber car


A great Bomber Feature on Saturday produced an eighteen car field with newcomer Cam Stanfield driving for the first time in the car once owned by Phil and Sam Lagan. Both he and Tristin Gait had to come from deep in the field to be contenders and they accomplished that. Stanfield led for several laps but was overtaken by Gait but still finished on Gait’s back bumper for second place. He is no stranger to racing however as he does have a couple Championships in Hornet Series racing and should be a car to watch along with Gaits, Brian Wakelin, Aaron Cameron, Brian Baltis and some of the other fast cars. This is truly a competitive Series rain or shine.



 Kudos to Pit Announcer Dave Isles for broadcasting from a fast moving Drift Car Saturday night as they sped around the track and said “The walls come at you quite quickly when your not behind the wheel”. Kudos also to track management who refused to give up on Friday and put together a show, the drivers who were steadfast and remained to also put on a show, the Trophy Girls Jen Wright and her team that made posing look like a warm normal every day event, to the Monster Truck drivers that also put in a monster effort to do their high flying act, the photographers, fire crews, emergency personnel, the recorders, and all the other persons responsible for the weekly shows. Most of all a huge thank you to the fans that also refused to let Mother Nature rain on their parade and stayed and cheered all the winners, Capital City Drift and their exhibition, and the Monster Trucks.

The next event at Western Speedway is scheduled for August 5th is the Marlin Motors Hornet Series. The next scheduled Saturday racing is Fan Appreciation Night scheduled for August 8th and will feature the Wilson Transportation Stock Cars, OTRA, SDL Bins Mini Stocks, Bombers, and the Island Dwarf Cars.