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VICTORIA, BC CANADA August 24, 2015 – Today, Canadian artist Brandy Saturley announced her inclusion in the popular Forbes Art Business column,Price Ranges and Studio Images of 20 Contemporary Artists.


“Eight years ago I was fortunate enough to bid adieu to my day job and concentrate fully on nothing but my career as a contemporary Canadian artist. Thankful for this opportunity and mindful of the responsibility it carried, I was up for the challenge and ready to take on the art world. In the past eight years I have connected with many arts professionals around the world, thanks to the ability the Internet affords me to move from a local platform to a worldwide market. Through these connections, I have found support and interest in my artwork. Whether it be curators, art gallery owners, publishers, art bloggers, art collectors or fellow artists. I am thankful to those who have been interested in my work and willing to support and share my paintings through their various networks, on and off-line.”

Saturley’s contemporary paintings of Canada; the nature, landscapes, people, popular culture and sports icons, have found their way into art lovers hearts across the country and even worldwide. These paintings of Canada have been featured in the Colart Collection, AllHabs Magazine, Curry’s Canada, Visual Overture, Art Avenue Magazine, and Galleries West Magazine, to name a few. Now she can add that New York staple for business and financial news, Through contributor Jason T. Borbet, her work is featured amongst 20 popular artists in the Art Business pages of the popular New York staple. The feature story; Price Ranges And Studio Images Of 20 Contemporary Artists, the third installment of this popular feature on the Forbes website.”

Brandy Saturley  was born in Victoria, Canada in 1972. She is a prolific painter, guerrilla-style photographer and multiple award winning Canadian artist. Saturley currently lives and works out of her studio in Victoria. Saturley gained national recognition with her paintings of Canadiana including; goalie masks, Canadian athletes, the Canadian flag, the Montreal Canadiens, Alberta Rockies and wildlife. Inspired by Canadian popular culture, iconography and sport. She paints portraits and surreal landscapes of Canada. From hockey to poppies and Habs to Lake Louise. The work has been referred to as, ‘Canadianism’s on canvas or Canadian POP art.’ Saturley’s work can be seen in corporate art collections across Canada and into the United States.

Saturley is currently working on a Canadian portrait project for Canada150 celebrations. The People Of Canada portrait project will feature user submitted photos, interviews, video, resulting in painted portraits by the artist.

Link to the Forbes feature:

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