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September 1st, 2015 – Charlottetown PEI

The UPEI Student Union, in partnership with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and 23 other Student Unions across the country, is launching a non-partisan campaign today called “Get Out The Vote”.

This effort will mobilize the student vote in the upcoming election and reduce voter apathy through democratic engagement. On a local level, the UPEI Student Union will be partnering with the Young Voters of Prince Edward Island to engage youth outside of the campus community as well.


“The reality is that only 38.8% of voters aged 18-24 voted in the 2011 election. We are working with several other campuses across the country, as well as the Young Voters of PEI, to increase the voter turnout of the millennial generation” said Johnathan Rix, Vice-President Academic & External at the UPEI Student Union.


“Fortunately, student voting will be easier than ever as both UPEI and Holland College will have polling stations from October 5th-8th that will allow students to vote for candidates in their home riding. Students are a very mobile demographic and that makes it challenging to get them to the polls. We are very glad to see Elections Canada taking steps to make voting easier for students,” Rix continued. Once school begins on September 8th, the UPEI Student Union will be encouraging students to sign a form and pledge to vote. With the collected information they will contact students on October 5th and October 19th to ensure students are exercising their right to vote.