jeff mont ws

Jeff Montgomery – WilRoc Lites Trophy Dash – Photo Ken Keating ISN

By Ken Keating 

The year came to an end for the Wilson Transportation Stock Cars, Island Dwarf Cars, SDL Bins I.M.S. 4 Mini Stocks, OTRA, and the Richlock Rentals Non Winged Sprint cars on Saturday as Western Speedway hosted Championship night for these classes.

James Campbell was a winner of the OTRA Trophy Dash Brandon French – Dwarf Car Trophy Dash, Jeremy Waksel – Mini Stock Trophy Dash, Jeff Montgomery – WilRoc Lites Trophy Dash, and Dave Reside – Stock Car Trophy Dash. Duane Zeinstra and James Miller were OTRA Heat Race winners, Halina Tayour and Brandon French in Dwarf Car Heats, Alex Mouner in the Mini Stock Heat, Deter Lejeune and Mike Haslam won the WilRoc Lites Heat Races, and Mark Lockhart won the Stock Car Heat.

Fourteen cars, led by Kyle Kennedy, took the green flag for twenty-five laps of racing in the Island Dwarf Car Series with Kyle grabbing the lead first. The yellow flag was displayed on lap ten as one of the drivers got loose and spun around. On the restart, Tyler Peters drove to the lead followed by Miles Maxie who had Brandon French to contend with. On lap seventeen, Bob Pridge went around bringing out the caution once again. On the restart, Brandon French quickly took the lead and went on to the chequered flag. Tyler Peters, Miles Maxie, Kinser Kennedy and Kyle Kennedy rounded out the top five. With his fourth place finish Kinser Kennedy is the 2015 Dwarf Car Champion.

jeremy waksel ws

Jeremy Waksel – Mini Stock Trophy Dash – Photo Ken Keating ISN

Alex Mouner led eight cars to the green flag in the SDL Bins Mini Stock Feature and took the early lead only to see a quick yellow flag on the first lap. On the restart, Mouner again grabbed the lead with Sean Constantine close behind. On lap six, Constantine took the lead, lost it it Matt Szauer for two laps, and then regained the lead as Szauer spun out but didn’t cause a yellow flag. Ryan Patterson moved into the second spot and tried everything to get by Constantine but each time the door closed. Mouner also got into this battle exchanging spots with Patterson a couple times but couldn’t make the pass. Over the remaining laps these guys put on a great race but Constantine held off the charges and walked away with the chequered flag. Patterson held on for second, Mouner, Lois Pollard Grant, and Matt Szauer rounded out the top five positions. With his second place finish, Ryan Patterson won the season’s Mini Stock Championship.

 james cam ws

 James Campbell – OTRA Trophy Dash – Photo Ken Keating ISN

Larry Joyce and Daryl Simpson shared the front row for the start of the OTRA Feature event with twelve cars in the field. George “The Jet” Jenson grabbed the lead on lap one and took off leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. James Miller moved into the second spot on the second lap but ten laps later had to contend with Duane Zeinstra. On lap thirteen Zeinstra made the pass for second while Jenson cruised to the victory. Zeinstra, Joe Dardengo, Miller, and Kail Beck rounded out the top five positions. With the win “The Jet” won the President’s Trophy for 2015.

chris mac ws

Chris McInerny – 2015 Stock Car Champion – Photo Ken Keating ISN

Wayne Hart led eight cars to the green flag for twenty-five laps of racing in the Wilson Transportation Stock Car Series. Hart led for the first three laps and gave it up for Chris McInerney on lap four. Hart, Dave Reside, and Brendon Moore diced back and fourth quite often exchanging positions every couple of laps. When the chequered flag dropped McInerney came away with the Feature event win plus the season’s Stock Car Championship. Moore, Reside, Kyle Cottam, and Hart rounded out the top five.

brandon french ws

Brandon French – Dwarf Car Trophy Dash – Photo Ken Keating ISN

Mark Stuart and Cam McLean shared the front row for the start of the Richlock Rentals WilRoc Non Winged Sprint Car Feature event and eighteen high powered cars on the grid. The yellow flag came out quickly as a couple cars spun out in turn one. On the restart, McLean grabbed the lead until he gave it up to Dave “The Hammer” Emmerson on lap six. Mie Haslam and Jeff “The Hurricane” Montgomery were quick to pick up the chase on lap eight. On lap eighteen, Montgomery slipped by Haslam and into the second spot with Ryan Orchard putting the pressure on Haslam a few laps later. Up front Montgomery actually passed Emmerson but couldn’t make it stick and had to settle for a second place finish behind Emmerson. Orchard followed Montgomery as Guy Barrett grabbed fourth place with Haslam rounding out the top five positions. With his win, Emmerson captured the Reg Midgley Memorial Trophy. With his second place finish Jeff Montgomery won the WilRoc Non Winged Sprint Car Championship.

Congratulations to all of the Champions decided this night with great races in each class. On Saturday, September 19th, we decide the Champions for the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with the Demo Cars, Demo bTrucks, Figure 8s, and the Bomber Series. Be sure and come out for the final race of 2015 and root for your favorite driver.