Athletics Canada

Athletics Canada announced today a restructuring of the East High Performance Hub in Toronto, Ont. The restructure sees Jeff Huntoon take over as lead coach, with Charles Allen and Jason Kerr stepping into mentored coach roles. 

The reorganization follows a review of the high performance plan to ensure Athletics Canada is on the right performance path towards Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020.

Huntoon, the personal coach of high jump World Champion Derek Drouin, joined Athletics Canada in October 2014 as Combined Events and Jumps Coach. The Huntoon / Drouin duo has combined for Olympic, World Championship, Commonwealth and Pan Am Games medals. Coach Huntoon has coached 5 Olympians in four different events, five national champions from three different countries, and has coached athletes to six national records.

The Wisconsin native counts 25-years of coaching experience. Prior to joining Athletics Canada he was associate Head Coach of Track and Field and Cross Country at Indiana University (2007 to 2014). With the Hoosiers he coached five NCAA national champions, mentored 24 NCAA All-Americans performances and helped lead the Hoosiers to 12 individual and two team Big Ten Championships. 

Athletics Canada would like to thank Anthony McCleary and Desai Williams for their years of service as national team staff coaches.