Story and Images by Erich Eichhorn (ISN)

October 23, 2015 Langford, BC (ISN) – The Belmont Bulldogs AAA Varsity football team fell to the visiting Vancouver College 42-12 in a BC Highschool Football league night game at Westhills Stadium Friday night.

The Belmont Bulldogs fell 42-14 to Vancouver College Friday night Westhills Stadium. Brett Milligan prevented the shut out win with the Dogs first touchdown of the game – Erich Eichhorn image. – Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

The Bulldogs, struggling to find their pace so far this season with an 0-3 record, fell victim to the 3-0, undefeated Irish of Vancouver in front of a sparse home crowd in Langford.


The Bulldogs offensive line hand their hands full against the Vancouver College defense – Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

The Bulldogs, behind starting QB Darian Jules, showed sparks of offensive promise, but where unable to put together any sustained attack against the balanced play of Vancouver. The Bullogs would fall behind early, as Vancouver College’s Michael Le would run for two of Vancouver’s five first half Td’s. Le, taking the ball from Vancouver College’s QB Jacob Samuels, and averaging almost 28 yards per carry, ran away from the Belmont defense for side line scampers of 49 and 62 yards repectively to tally his majors on the evening. The Bulldogs recieving core would have a difficult night hanging on to the ball under the defensive secondary pressure of Vancouver College.


QB Darian Jules looks to the sidelnes as he get blind side protection from  Torin Keoughan and company – Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

In a notable turning point in the Bulldog’s play, Vancouver would be caught off guard by a Belmont onside kick in the second half, recovering the ball inside the midfield marker after the ball would richochet off a pair of Vancouver players to fall at the feet of a Bulldogs special team player. 


Belmont would deny Vancouver the shut out win with their first points of the game in the fourth quarter on a strong, breakaway run by Brett Milligan, turning the corner, burning the Vancouver College defefense, carrying the ball almost 40 yards to the endzone for the Bulldog’s first points on the game to tally a 42-7 score. The ‘Dog’s” RB Torin Keoughan would continue his teams late surge, albiet all too late, adding to the Bulldogs’ score the with the last points of the game, putting the ball on the ground and running for the TD one last time to close the game out with a 42-14 loss.


The Irish gang tackle Brett Milligan, the focal point of much of the Bulldog’s ground attack – Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

Belmont Bulldog’s Varsity will next take on South Delta Sundevils October 30th at 5:00pm at Westhills Stadium.