spec vs ncc
Story/Photos by Chris Wilson
As the season gets close to the end every game is that much more important, and this game was no exception. This game had playoff implication for NDSS, a win would almost guarantee them a spot in the playoffs and Spectrum was looking for their first win.

The first quarter was a defensive war, both teams were strong not allowing the other to gain any real ground. Much of the play was in the middle of the field and with both defensive sides playing well neither offence scored any points. 
spec ndss
The second quarter was a bit different as NDSS mounted two drives lead by their QB #8 Maren Bradbrooke  that both ended with TD’s, although Spectrum’s defense held strong only allowing one conversion. NDSS had some strong runs from #16 Donovan Davidson-Collie and # 33 Kyle Lindsay
spec ndss1
NDSS started the third quarter with a good drive but came up 2m short of a first down deep in Spectrum’s half. On Spectrum’s first play after a strong defensive stand was a brilliant 105m run by Spectrum’s #19 Riley Wilson for a TD. This was the spark that Spectrum needed and it showed. Once again both defensive side showed their strength. Late in the third quarter Spectrum’s #19 Riley Wilson got the ball again and ran another 50m for another TD.
The teams each scored TD’s in the forth quarter but the difference throughout was NDSS were able to convert two 2 point conversions. Spectrum scored first from a pass that was tipped but #80 Carson Vaux kept his eye on the ball and made a nice catch for a TD. NDSS QB took matters into his own hands by running 30m for a TD. In the end Spectrum ran out of time to mount another attack and NDSS held strong for the win.
spec ndss2
NDSS last game will be Nov 5 vs Ballenas. Spectrum’s last game is in Nanaimo vs John Barsby Nov 4th. 
For more photo’s of this game please follow the link.