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OTTAWA (CIS) – Canadian Interuniversity Sport announced Friday that the University of New Brunswick has been selected as host of the CIS men’s hockey championship in 2017 and 2018.

The University Cup national tournament has been held in Fredericton on four occasions in the past, each time with overwhelming success. Capacity crowds of over 3,500 fans filled UNB’s Aitken University Centre during a two-year run in 2003 and 2004, and again in 2011 and 2012.

“The University of New Brunswick is honoured to be named host of the 2017 and 2018 CIS men’s hockey University Cup,” said John Richard, Director of Athletics. “This event will have a significant impact on our campus, our city and the entire region. We feel privileged that the CIS has entrusted us with this event and will put our very best effort forward to provide a memorable lifelong experience for all involved.”


The UNB Varsity Reds, who moved to the top of the national rankings earlier this week, have been one of the two dominant programs in CIS men’s hockey over the past decade, along with the Alberta Golden Bears. The two powerhouses have combined to win nine of the past 11 University Cup titles, including four UNB triumphs in 2007, 2009, 2011 (on home ice) and 2013.

Before their recent run of success under 16-year head coach Gardiner MacDougall, the V-Reds had also been crowned in 1998 under the guidance of Mike Kelly. MacDougall is a two-time CIS men’s hockey coach of the year, including last season, and also received the CIS Jean-Marie De Koninck Coaching Excellence Award last June in recognition of his outstanding career.


Before returning to Fredericton in 2017, the U Cup tournament will be staged for the second straight year in Halifax this winter. The 2016 edition, hosted jointly by Saint Mary’s University and St. Francis Xavier University, is scheduled for March 17 to 20 at the Scotiabank Centre.   


Alberta is the two-time reigning CIS champion thanks to triumphs last March in Halifax and two years ago in Saskatoon.

NOTE: The exact dates for the 2017 and 2018 University Cup tournaments – which will be held in March – will be announced at a later date.



2018    University of New Brunswick

2017    University of New Brunswick

2016    StFX University & Saint Mary’s University

2015    StFX University & Saint Mary’s University (Alberta)

2014    University of Saskatchewan (Alberta)

2013    University of Saskatchewan (UNB)

2012    University of New Brunswick (McGill)                                                                                 

2011    University of New Brunswick (UNB)

2010    Lakehead University (Saint Mary’s)  

2009    Lakehead University (UNB)                                                                                      

2008    Université de Moncton (Alberta)                   

2007    Université de Moncton (UNB)                                                                                               

2006    University of Alberta (Alberta)                                                                                                         

2005    University of Alberta (Alberta)                                                                                             

2004    University of New Brunswick (StFX)                                                                                                

2003    University of New Brunswick (UQTR)                                                                                  

2002    Guelph, Laurier & Waterloo (Western)                                                                                

2001    Guelph, Laurier & Waterloo (UQTR)                                                                                  

2000    University of Saskatchewan (Alberta                                                                                    

1999    University of Saskatchewan (Alberta)                       

1998    University of Saskatchewan (UNB)                                                                                      

1997    CIS – Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto (Guelph)                                                                     

1996    CIS – Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto (Acadia)                                                                      

1995    CIS – Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto (Moncton)                                                                   

1994    CIS – Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto (Lethbridge)                                                                

1993    CIS – Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto (Acadia)                                                                                  

1992    University of Toronto (Alberta)                                                                                            

1991    University of Toronto (UQTR)                                                                                              

1990    University of Toronto (Moncton)                                                                                          

1989    University of Toronto (York)                                                                                                            

1988    University of Toronto (York)                                                                                                

1987    University of Alberta (UQTR)                                                                                                           

1986    University of Alberta (Alberta)                                                                                             

1985    University of Toronto (York)                                                                                                

1984    Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Toronto)                                                                 

1983    Université de Moncton (Saskatchewan)                                                                                 

1982    Université de Moncton (Moncton)                                                                             

1981    University of Calgary (Moncton)                                                                                          

1980    University of Regina (Alberta)                                                                                                          

1979    Concordia University (Alberta)                                                                                             

1978    Université de Moncton (Alberta)                                                                                           

1977    University of Alberta (Toronto)                                                                                            

1976    University of Toronto (Toronto)                                                                                           

1975    University of Alberta (Alberta)                                                                                             

1974    University of Toronto (Waterloo)                                                                  

1973    University of Toronto (Toronto)                                                                               

1972    Bishop’s University & Université de Sherbrooke (Toronto)                                                 

1971    Laurentian University (Toronto)                                                                   

1970    University of Prince Edward Island (Toronto)                                                                     

1969    University of Alberta (Toronto)                                                                                

1968    Sir George Williams, Loyola & Macdonald (Alberta)                                                          

1967    University of Calgary & University of Alberta (Toronto)                                                   

1966    Laurentian University (Toronto)                                                                                           

1965    University of Manitoba (Manitoba)                                                                                       

1964    Queen’s University & RMC (Alberta)                                                                                               

1963    Queen’s University & RMC (McMaster)