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The TORONTO BLUE JAYS2016 HOME SPRING TRAINING SCHEDULE will consist of 16 games beginning on Wednesday, March 2 vs. the Philadelphia Phillies.  Each A.L. East divisional rival will be making at least one visit to Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin. The team will conclude the training schedule with two exhibition games in Montreal vs. Boston Red Sox on Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2.

The schedule is as follows:

DATE                                 LOCATION               VERSUS                             TIME    

Wednesday, March 2          DUNEDIN                  Philadelphia Phillies         1:07 PM

Friday, March 4                  DUNEDIN                  Baltimore Orioles              1:07 PM

Saturday, March 5              DUNEDIN                  Philadelphia Phillies         1:07 PM

Monday, March 7                DUNEDIN                  Atlanta Braves                   1:07 PM

Tuesday, March 8               DUNEDIN                  Pittsburgh Pirates             1:07 PM

Friday, March 11                DUNEDIN                  Boston Red Sox                1:07 PM

Sunday, March 13              DUNEDIN                  Tampa Bay Rays (ss)        1:07 PM

Tuesday, March 15             DUNEDIN                  Baltimore Orioles              1:07 PM

Thursday, March 17           DUNEDIN (ss)           CANADIAN Jrs.                  1:07 PM

Friday, March 18                DUNEDIN                  Houston Astros                  1:07 PM

Saturday, March 19            DUNEDIN                  Philadelphia Phillies          1:07 PM

Sunday, March 20              DUNEDIN                  Pittsburgh Pirates              1:07 PM

Wednesday, March 23        DUNEDIN                  New York Yankees             1:07 PM

Thursday, March 24           DUNEDIN                  Detroit Tigers                      1:07 PM

Saturday, March 26            DUNEDIN                  New York Yankees             1:07 PM

Tuesday, March 29             DUNEDIN                  Philadelphia Phillies           1:07 PM

Friday April 1                     MONTREAL              Boston Red Sox                  7:07 PM

Saturday April 2                 MONTREAL              Boston Red Sox                  1:07 PM

(ss) – split squad for Toronto on March 17.