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On a important day for the Cowichan Rugby Club their men’s team played the Castaways Wanderer’s and it was the Piggies that came out strong and didn’t look back the whole match.

The Cowichan Piggies played a strong game with good runs and quick ball movement that the Wanderer’s struggled to keep pace. The Piggies front pack showed their strength in the scrums by pushing back the Wanderer’s more times then not. Just like their women’s side earlier in the day the Piggy men played a hard hitting match. 
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Cowichan had some impressive play from #8 Rob McDonnell. Peter Budina #10 showed good vision with some strong plays including a try of his own. Both teams struggled with their lineouts, experiencing turnovers more times then they would like. The wanderer’s tried to mount several attacks but Cowichan were good at forcing turnovers and making the Castaway’s pay for them. Cowichan #19 Matt MelGaard scored a nice try midway in the second half after a strong run from the Castaway 22. The final score was Cowichan 37, Castaway 0.
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It was a special day for the Cowichan Piggies as it was a Homecoming weekend in honour of the 96/97 Men’s team that was inducted into the North Cowichan Sports wall of Fame at a ceremony Saturday evening.
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