football local
Story / photos by Chris Wilson
At the Burnaby Lake Sport Complex two team were to battle in the BC High School  Semi Final in Tier 2 Varsity football. Spectrum in their third year of a new football program and Earl Marriot. 

football local 1
Earl Marriot were the first placed team after the regular season where as Spectrum the fourth placed team was making their first appearance in playoff football.  The first quarter was a defensive battle, with both teams not giving up much ground. Spectrum scored first but it was called back due to a offensive pass interference penalty. The first points on the board were by Earl Marriot but a missed conversion kept the game close. Both teams used their strengths well, hard running and good ground games. Earl Marriots # 1 Rhys McMartin carried the ball often and gained some good yards. Both defensive sides stood strong and neither team were able to mount a long drive down the field. Spectrum had some good runs by #34 Oliver Adams who had some long runs but couldn’t continue the momentum. Spectrum did get on the board with a pass reception and run by #32 Bartu Kayan. Spectrum went for a two point conversion but didn’t succeed. 
football local 2
Earl Marriots #11 Alonzo Vergara was a difficult player for Spectrum to tackle and made some nice advances down field. This game was very back and forth and mostly played in the middle of the field. Spectrum #19 Riley Wilson had a strong game on both sides of the ball with some decent pass receptions and some good tackles. His counter-part Earl Marriots #87 Wylie Gillette also played well. 
football local 3
Earl Marriot scored again and again missed the conversion kick, so Spectrum weren’t out of it yet. Spectrum pressed hard trying to force Earl Marriot to make a mistake. They pushed right until the end but just couldn’t pull off the upset. Earl Marriot won 13-6 in the end and now will face Howe Sound in the final Nov 27.
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