Adam Svensson

Surrey, British Columbia’s Adam Svensson claimed medalist honours and exempt status on the Tour for 2016 at the Final Stage of the Tour Qualifying Tournament on Sunday

. The Golf Canada Young Pro Squad member earned an exemption into Final Stage thanks to his ninth place finish on the 2015 Mackenzie Tour – PGA TOUR Canada Order of Merit. 

A select Q&A Transcript following his seven-shot victory is below:

Q: What was it like starting on the Mackenzie Tour last season and how did that help you?

A: It was huge. Finishing second-second to start the year obviously boosted my confidence there, and just being able to start from the bottom and work your way up was pretty important, and it was a good way to do it for me.

Q: Did you have any doubts about turning pro when you left Barry University?

A: No. My family and everyone around me was supportive of it. I have a great support system with my sponsors Freedom 55 Financial, JL, Titleist and Golf Canada. They’re all there for me, so I’m always backed up by them.

Q: What does this do for you now that you’re exempt all year? It takes a lot of pressure off you that other guys face.

A: It’s huge. I’m able to pick my schedule and where I want to travel to. This year I was booking my flights the night before or on the Monday, so I’m pretty happy to have full status now.

Q: What was today like? You got there with quite a bit of a lead, but did you feel any pressure?

A: Obviously you’re going to feel pressure. I was just trying to flight the ball down all day and stay out of trouble and hit it in the middle of the green like yesterday, and most of all enjoy it, because it’s tough to win out here or at any level. I had a lot of fun.

Q: Were you conscious of the leaderboard and paying any attention?

A: I usually follow the leaderboard and I knew I was around five, six, seven shots in the lead after every couple of holes. Ryan [Brehm and [Jason] Millard were right there, so I knew.

Q: So you’ll be playing on the Tour next season – do you have any goals yet?

A: Obviously goal is to win out there and get my PGA TOUR card, so I’m gonna shoot for that.

Q: You’re following in the footsteps of players like Daniel Berger, who spent two years at school, went to the Tour and now the PGA TOUR. Did you look at a player like that and think, ‘That’s a good gameplan for me?’

A: Yeah, if you look at players like Daniel Berger, Will Wilcox, who I know from my home club at Dye Preserve, they all went through that. I know a couple of guys that took that route and it’s a good route to go.

Q: Do you have any aspirations for the Olympics?

A: Yeah, that’s something I’d love to play in. I take pride in my Canadian flag, but it’s pretty hard – there are a lot of good Canadians on the PGA TOUR, but hopefully, you never know.