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Team Croteau – Derek Chandler

Kamloops, BC (January 1, 2016) – The Kamloops Curling Club rink of Corryn Brown has secured a playoff berth in style, going undefeated in seven games in front of a crowd full of the team’s friends, family and fans.

This is the last year the foursome of Brown, third Erin Pincott, second Samantha Fisher and lead Sydney Fraser will be able to play at the junior level, with Pincott unable to compete in the under-21 competition next year.

But the team, which is coached by Allison McInnes, still have to get past Sarah Daniels’ Royal City rink before they can secure a place in the final. The Daniels rink features third Marika Van Osch, second Dezaray Hawes, lead Megan Daniels and coaches Katie Witt and Ernie Daniels, who finished in second place with a 6-1 record, after an exciting last game with Team Coulombe which saw them steal one in the 10th for a 7-6 win.

The page 1 vs 2 game will take place tomorrow at 2 p.m. with the winner getting a bye to the final.

In third place is Sarah Loken’s Delta Thistle Curling Club rink featuring skip Loken, third Catera Park, second Kylie Karoway, lead Kim Bonneau and coach Marion McNeill.  They will play against fourth-placed team, Team Coulombe. Skip Mariah Coulombe’s Victoria Curling Centre rink features third Bailey Tinkler , second Jordan Koster,   lead Sydney Brilz and coach Andrew Komlodi.

The page 3 vs 4 game (tomorrow at 2 p.m.) will see the winner take on the loser of the 1 vs 2 game (tomorrow at 2 p.m.) in the semis (tomorrow at 7 p.m.). The final  will be on Sunday at 9 a.m.

On the junior men’s side, Tyler Tardi’s Langley/Royal City rink of third Daniel Wenzek, second Jordan Tardi, lead Nicholas Meister, fifth Sterling Middleton and coach Paul Tardi, have secured first place, going undefeated through round robin play. The Victoria rink of Paul Henderson, meanwhile, secured second place by only losing to Team Tardi in round robin play.  The Henderson rink features third Duncan Silversides, second Benton Boychuk-Chorney, lead Timothy Henderson and coach Todd Troyer.

The two teams will play each other again in the page 1 vs 2 playoff, which takes place tomorrow at 2 p.m., with the winner getting a bye to the final (Sunday at 2 p.m.).

Team McCrady from the Royal City Curling Club secured third place with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses. The Matthew McCrady rink features third Zac Curtis, second Liam Purgavie, lead Jacob Umbach and coach Ken McCardle.

Tiebreakers are needed to determine which team will finish in fourth place. Team Kiss from Royal City Curling Club, Team Love from Vernon Curling Club and Team Carpenter from Royal City Curling Club are in contention (See roster below and attached schedule). A tiebreaker takes place tonight at 7 p.m. (Team Love vs Team Carpenter). The winner will face Team Kiss tomorrow at 9 a.m.

The page 3 vs 4 game (tomorrow at 2 p.m.) will see the winner take on the loser of the 1 vs 2 game (tomorrow at 2 p.m.) in the semis tomorrow at 7 p.m. The winner of that will be in the final on Sunday at 2 p.m.

The event at Kamloops Curling Club started on Tuesday, December 29 and will run until Sunday. The junior women’s final will be televised at 9 a.m. on Sportsnet Pacific and the junior men’s final will be televised at 2 p.m. on Sportsnet One.


The winning teams will travel to Stratford, Ontario for the 2016 Canadian Junior Curling Championships, presented by Egg Farmers of Ontario. The winners of that event will go to the World Junior Curling Championships in Erzurum, Turkey.

The Flora Martin Sportsmanship Award for junior women and the Gordon Hooey Sportsmanship Award for junior men were awarded after round robin play. Sydney Brilz from Team Coulombe (Victoria) and Zane Bartlett from Team Bartlett (Grand Forks) were voted the most sportsmanlike curlers by their peers.

The Asham Coach Awards went to Jim Cotter, coach of Team Harvey and Todd Troyer, coach of Team Henderson.


Junior men roster

Team Bartlett (Grand Forks Curling Club)

Skip: Zane Bartlett – Christina Lake

Third: Sam Gaspar – Invermere

Second: Steven Schafthuizen – Kamloops

Lead: Colin Anderson – Grand Forks

Fifth: Devin Anderson – Grand Forks

Coach: Dave Bartlett

Team Carpenter (Royal City Curling Club)

Skip: Brayden Carpenter – Richmond

Third: Tyler Proctor – Burnaby

Second: Matthew Chan – Vancouver

Lead: Breyden Chong – Burnaby

Fifth: Troy Chong – Burnaby

Coaches: Roger Chan and Curt Borgen

Team Croteau (Victoria Curling Centre/Kerry Park Curling Club)

Skip: Connor Croteau – Victoria

Third: Scott Gray – Victoria

Second: Derek Chandler – Victoria

Lead: Jared Vlassis – Victoria

Coach: Bob Coulombe

Team Henderson (Victoria Curling Centre)

Skip: Paul Henderson – Victoria

Third: Duncan Silversides – Victoria

Second: Benton Boychuk-Chorney – Victoria

Lead: Timothy Henderson – Victoria

Coach:  Todd Troyer

Team Kiss (Royal City Curling Club)

Skip: Jordan Kiss – Abbotsford

Third: Nicholas Umbach – Coquitlam

Second: Travis Cameron – Richmond

Lead: Zachary Umbach – Coquitlam

Fifth: Matt Young – Surrey

Coach: Craig Lightbody


Team Love (Vernon Curling Club)

Skip: Thomas Love – Vernon

Third: Erik Colwell – Vernon

Second: Brendan Chapple – Armstrong

Lead: Johnathan Schwartz – Vernon

Coach: Dean Chapple

Team McCrady (Royal City Curling Club)

Skip: Matthew McCrady – Port Coquitlam

Third: Zac Curtis – Coquitlam

Second: Liam Purgavie – Cloverdale, Surrey

Lead: Jacob Umbach – Coquitlam

Coach: Ken McCardle

Team Tardi (Langley Curling Club/Royal City Curling Club)

Skip: Tyler Tardi – Surrey

Third: Daniel Wenzek – Burnaby

Second: Jordan Tardi – Surrey

Lead: Nicholas Meister – Langley

Fifth: Sterling Middleton – Fort St John

Coach: Paul Tardi

Junior Women roster

Team Brown (Kamloops Curling Club)

Skip: Corryn Brown – Kamloops

Third: Erin Pincott – Kamloops

Second: Samantha Fisher – Kamloops

Lead: Sydney Fraser – Kamloops

Coach: Allison McInnes

Team Buchy (Kimberley Curling Club)

Skip: Alysha Buchy – Kimberley

Third: Kaila Buchy – Kimberley

Second:  Haylie Farquhar – Kimberley

Lead: Arissa Toffolo – Kimberley

Coach: Tom Buchy

Team Connell (Prince George Golf and Curling Club)

Skip: Alyssa Connell – Prince George

Third: Bailey Eberherr – Prince George

Second: Jordan Henson – Prince George

Lead: Erin Ross – Prince George

Coach: Rick Fewster

Team Coulombe (Victoria Curling Centre)

Skip: Mariah Coulombe – Victoria

Third: Bailey Tinkler – Victoria

Second: Jordan Koster – Courtenay

Lead: Sydney Brilz – Sydney

Coach: Andrew Komlodi

Team Daniels (Royal City Curling Club)

Skip: Sarah Daniels – Delta

Third: Marika Van Osch – Nanaimo

Second: Dezaray Hawes – Anmore

Lead: Megan Daniels – Delta

Coach: Ernie Daniels/Katie Witt

Team Harvey (Vernon Curling Club)

Skip: Winter Harvey – Lumby

Third: Jaelyn Cotter – Vernon

Second: Megan McGillivray – Kelowna

Lead: Cassidy Schwaerzle – Armstrong

Fifth: Katelyn McGillivray – Kelowna

Coach: Jim Cotter

Team Jensen (Tunnel Town/Juan de Fuca/Parksville)

Skip: Shawna Jensen – Delta

Third: Katherine Silversides – Victoria

Second: Michaela Douglas – Powell River

Lead: Rebecca Douglas – Powell River

Fifth: Sarah McCrady – Port Coquitlam

Coach: Dave Douglas

Team Loken (Delta Thistle Curling Club)

Skip: Sarah Loken – Surrey

Third: Catera Park – Coquitlam

Second: Kylie Karoway – Surrey

Lead: Kim Bonneau – Abbotsford

Coach: Marion McNeill