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Alan Palmer (Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club) has claimed the 2015 PDP Champion title
Richmond, B.C. (PGA of BC) – With a new season upon us, the PGA of British Columbia is pleased
to recognize Alan Palmer of Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club as the 2015 PGA of BC Professional Development Program (PDP) presented by Sunice Order of Merit Champion. Palmer capped off 2015 with a grand total of 121 points, the highest point total ever achieved in the three years of the program’s duration. His grand point total is a result of his widespread involvement in various tournaments, education, industry engrossment, and volunteerism. 

Also crowned the 2015 Professional Development Award recipient at the 2015 PGA of BC Awards Celebration in October, Palmer is an advocate for personal and career growth and development. He continuously supports the Association as the Education & Events Chair on the PGA of BC’s Board of Directors, while also encouraging his Shaughnessy team members to be actively involved in the community. 
Palmer’s influence on his team is evidenced by this year’s Order of Merit, as bothMatt Dunn and Ashley Zibrik round out the top three with 111 and 103 points, respectively. The $6,400 total prize money, divided amongst the top ten finishers, provides winners with opportunities to continue pursuing their professional education and development. 
For final standings of the 2015 PGA of BC Professional Development Program, please click here.
The PGA of British Columbia Professional Development Program (PDP) presented by Sunice is an annual Order of Merit designed to recognize members of the PGA of BC who have shown tremendous contributions to the Association, the Industry, and mostly importantly, themselves. Through participation in education, tournaments, awards, the Buying Show, and various forms of volunteerism, the PDP provides an equal avenue to showcase strengths of the diverse membership.
In addition to its PDP Order of Merit Leaders, the PGA of BC is proud to recognize its Top 100 PGA Professionals of 2015. See below for a complete Top 100 of 2015.
Abbenbroek, Roy
Hosie, Gina
Palmer, Alan
Akizuki, Shingo
Hull, Taylor
Palmer, Jeff
Alarie, Lee
Ingle, Rich
Parry, Bryn
Anderson, Rob
Johnson, Casey
Pool, Greg
Armstrong, Bryan
Johnson, Jeremy
Presnail, James
Baillargeon, Justin
Johnson, Myles
Randle, John
Baufeld, Norman
Jonas, Phil
Ray, Jordan
Bell, Cody
Jurimae, Jason
Roden, Tara
Bernakevitch, Lindsay
Kadin, Jon
Rourke, Jordan
Blair, Adam
Kelly, Bill
Schaal, Brian
Buder, Jeff
Kitts, Mark
Schienbein, Dale
Carmichael, Chris
Kohlen, Mark
Scollon, Drew
Claggett, Dean
Kolb, Scott
Scott, Chad
Cordes, Jason
Latimer, Russ
Shepherd, Scott
Crowe, Jesse
Lavers, Colin
Siminoff, Jared
Cyndroski, Mike
Liddicoat, Steve
Smedstad, Mike
Cyr, Lenny
Long, Danny
Smith, Randy
Danish, Ethan
MacPherson, Clark
Stevens, Jamie
DeBou, Jeffrey
Maddock, Dave
Stewart, Branden
Dhillon, Darcy
Mantell, Ross
Strong, Mark
Draper, Cory
Marshall, Vaughn
Sutherland, Matt
Dunn, Matthew
Matheson, Matt
Tadey, Rob
Forrest, Mark
Maxwell, Kevin
Taiji, Connor
German, Kyle
McClain, Scott
Thornley, Derek
Giesbrecht, Jason
McCullough, Lance
Tubb, Oliver
Glenesk, Shannon
McDonald, Brian
Van Horne, Michael
Gray, Grant
McNeil, Tyler
Weir, Kate
Griffin, Ben
Michell, Winston
Wiegner, Jonathan
Griffith, Tyrel
Mink, Gord
Wiggins, Jeff
Hann, Brian
Monaghan, Tom
Wise, Brian
Haraguchi, Mike
Morgan, Doug
Wocknitz, Arlen
Hastie, Doug
Ogden, Graham
Young, Finlay
Hay, Trevor
O’Rourke, Padraic
Zibrik, Ashley
Heenan, Mike
Palahniuk, Miles
Zibrik, Dave