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Fans of the Kelowna Rockets have a new way to learn and engage with their favourite players with the release of Club Rockets, the newest app from Canadian technology company JBF Kids, Inc.

Club Rockets is an app designed specifically for youth under 13 and features custom artwork that can’t be found anywhere else, trivia that isn’t from the standard pack, and timely player animation and content.

Representatives from JBF Kids Inc. will be at the Rockets game this afternoon (2 p.m., Prospera Place) with information for kids and parents about the new app.

“At JBF Kids Incorporated, our first goal is to educate parents and youth for a positive and healthy experience online. As a parent and founder of this company, keeping kids safe is my first priority,” said company CEO Janice Taylor.


JBF Kids Inc. specializes in youth engagement products for professional sports teams and brands, and has more than 8 NHL and NFL Team Club Apps and a partnership with the NFLPA.


Club Rockets, available both in the App Store and on Google Play, challenges fans to test their Hockey IQ with trivia questions that focus on areas like game rules and history, alongside specific player trivia. Artwork exclusive to Club Rockets can be used by fans to personalize their own avatars and hockey cards. With the addition of Meucci integration Club Rockets is on track to be a truly interactive fan experience.

Offering more than an online club, kids can connect with live party events, game schedules and it offers VIP access to team and player news, helping kids expand their world from entertaining online activities to real life fun.

The Rockets host Seattle at 2:05 p.m. today, celebrating the B.C. Family Day holiday with the launch of Club Rockets.