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Paddling is a part of our history. Paddling teaches us how to be alive in the world. It cultivates the skills for life success. It embodies the values we believe in. Everything that our country stands for is brought to life in the act of paddling. Paddling makes us who we are.

OTTAWA – February 18, 2016 – Canoe Kayak Canada has launched a new brand aimed at connecting with all Canadians from cottagers to club paddlers to Olympians and Paralympians at the pinnacle of the sport.

As Canadians, we share a special connection to the tranquil, authentic and powerful feeling of paddling on the water in a canoe or kayak. It’s a sport and a lifestyle that is uniquely a part of our heritage and our identity; it’s who we are. 

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“There’s nothing more Canadian than paddling” said Casey Wade, CEO of Canoe Kayak Canada. “Paddling is a cherished part of our way of life in Canada and with this campaign we want to celebrate that and engage even more Canadians in this amazing sport.”

With the launch, Canoe Kayak Canada has unveiled a promotional video, a new logo and supporting documentation as well as stunning imagery to showcase the sport and to drive participation to the 100 clubs across the country. The new brand and creative seeks to invite all Canadians to come paddle. 


Millions of Canadians paddle, whether recreationally or competitively. This short film captures the essence of paddling in its myriad forms.  Beautifully showcasing the sport’s finest aspects, the piece seeks to relate to the broader Canadian demographic and to capture the imaginations of the many who feel a historical, cultural, geographic and physical connection to the quintessentially Canadian sport.

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The logo

The new logo shows a stylized maple leaf, with a paddle at its core. It is meant to symbolize paddling as paramount to who we are as Canadians and give a nod to the sport’s history while  showcases a sense of national pride, accomplishment and unity amongst the various pursuits.