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By Martin Winstanley and Bill Green, Photos by Christian J. Stewart (ISN)

March 10, 2016, Victoria, BC (ISN) – The Victoria Eagles Baseball announced today its partnership with Triple Play Athletics, a Vancouver Island based college preparation service that mentors athletes and their families as they pursue their goals of playing baseball at the college and university level.

Bill Green of Triple Play Athletics

The Eagles and Triple Play Athletics launched their collaboration at the Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence (PISE) on March 4 and 6 as Eagles players discovered how the joint venture will help them achieve their fullest potential as ballplayers and students.

Bill Green, the president of Triple Play Athletics, is no stranger to the world of sport, particularly baseball. Bill has devoted his life to the promotion of exercise and wellness, serving in leadership roles at the provincial and national levels. He has recently been an instructor at the Camosun College Centre for Sport and Exercise Education and his Athletic Consulting work is endorsed by PISE and regional Pacific Sport organizations as well as a variety of teams and organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

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Bill Green met with Victoria Eagles parents and players last week to discuss the college recruiting process and options available to athletes.

Complementing his work in the world of sport, Bill is a recently retired school principal who also knows what it takes academically for student athletes to gain the attention of college recruiters. Bill has assisted hundreds of male and female athletes with the recruiting and scholarship process, most notably his own son, Taylor, who worked his way through the college and university systems to professional ball where he played in the MLB for the Milwaukee Brewers. Taylor has also played with the Canadian National Baseball team for the past decade.

During his presentation to receptive Eagle families, Bill explained how many players make the mistake of not taking charge of their own lives and futures because of a lack of knowledge about college baseball programs and scholarships. As a former coach in the BC Premier Baseball League, Bill was perplexed by the number of tremendous student athletes who did not go on to play at the next level. He decided to utilize his coaching and teaching experience to develop a comprehensive Planning, Preparing and Promoting workshop to help athletes align their busy lives with their goals. By educating parents and athletes about the “Recruiting Game” they will fully understand what they need to do to promote themselves to colleges and universities. “There are so many myths out there that give athletes the wrong message,” explained Bill. “In this day and age of reduced recruiting budgets, you cannot assume that university recruiters will find you…you need to recruit them!”

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Bill Green: “the key is to find the right school that meets your academic, athletic, financial, social, and cultural needs and that takes work…”

In his PISE presentations, Bill emphasized the importance of Eagles players being proactive and not relying on a coach to secure a scholarship, “the key is to find the right school that meets your academic, athletic, financial, social, and cultural needs and that takes work… my goal is to help you create choice…lots of choice, so you can pick the best school for you! Too many great athletes end up quitting after a few months because the fit with their school was not good. Your coaches do not have the time to do this work for all their players so you have to roll up your sleeves and take charge of your own future.” And helping student athletes take on this task is where Bill Green and Triple Play Athletics come in.

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The joint Eagles-Triple Play Athletics program is deeply rooted in fundamental life lessons and values. Eagles Baseball Chair Martin Winstanley told the Eagles players and parents that the goal of the program “is to develop confident, competent student athletes who value hard work and taking ownership of their futures. Eagles players involved in the college selection and scholarship process will own and appreciate what it took to achieve their goals. This learning experience boosts their chances of success in baseball and life.”

As an added support for Eagles players, Bill has developed an innovative online Athlete’s Academy (The PACE Academy) with the needs of today’s busy athletes and families in mind. PACE gives student athletes the opportunity to take specially designed athlete-focused Ministry of Education courses online. These courses are fully accredited. Bill’s background as a school principal has allowed him to adapt required core courses to meet the needs of busy student athletes. The PACE online Athlete’s Academy provides an outstanding option for students who want to enhance their academic and athletic skills outside the regular classroom. Traditional school sports academies are very time consuming, costly and restrict student flexibility in course selection and time management. PACE allow Eagles student athletes to stay at their home school and develop their fitness and skill programs on their own schedule. And what’s better yet, the accredited courses at the PACE ACADEMY are free to all students in British Columbia!

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Bill Green: “Our partnership will help Eagles student athletes achieve their ultimate academic and athletic potentials.”

Bill Green finished his PISE meetings expressing his confidence in the benefits of his program for Eagles players, “the Victoria Eagles are recognized as one of the premier sports organizations in the province. Our partnership will help Eagles student athletes achieve their ultimate academic and athletic potentials.”