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By Karyne Bailey

In January Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics sent 16 of their athletes ranging from Level 3 to Level 9 athletes to Las Vegas to experience their first ever International Competition. The girls, along with their parents, worked very hard for months in advance to fundraise for the trip. The Lady Luck Invitational is an international competition held annually in Las Vegas which attracts over 2300 gymnasts from all over the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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duncan gym

The following shows all top 6 placements or each girls’ best result.

Darby McIntyre                 Level 9                   1st Vault, 7th Uneven Bars, 3rd Beam, 8th Floor, 2nd All Around

Micaylla Broadway            Level 9                   10th Vault, 2nd Uneven Bars, 7th Beam, 4th Floor, 3rd All Around

Hayley Baker                    Level 9                   3rd Vault

Keerstin Arden                 Level 8                   10th Vault, 4th Floor, 19th All Around

Tahara Brown                  Level 7                   10th Vault, 9th Uneven Bars

Brooklyn Stobbe               Level 7                   4th Beam, 6th Floor, 7th All Around

Trystinna Bailey               Level 6                   7th Beam, 3rd Floor, 10th All Around

Rebeca Bailey                  Level 6                   6th Beam, 10th Floor

Cheyenne Mackeil            Level 6                   8th Uneven Bars, 10th Beam

Anna Akhurst                   Level 6                   7th Beam, 7th Floor

Sadie Manley                   Level 6                   9th Floor

Jenna Laughland              Level 6                   8th Beam

Amelia Cannon                Level 3                   8th Uneven Bars

Mia Fahey                        Level 3                   10th Beam

Weilee David                   Level 3                   12th Uneven Bars

Kaia Cools                       Level 4                   10th Vault

Avaling David                   Level 4                   12th Floor

Level 3 Team                                      4th place trophy!

This trip was a huge learning experience for the athletes and the latest step in the development of the local club which plans to implement an annual trip to a meet in the USA. Exposure to the newly adopted US Junior Olympic (JO) program at a US meet was a valuable experience for the girls and the coaches.

They are already starting the process of selecting next years’ competition and will once again start fundraising throughout the community. Duncan Dynamics would like to especially acknowledge James Street Billiards whose generous donation assisted girls in attending the US meet. It is through the generous donations of local businesses that we are able to both promote Duncan, BC on an international level, but also continue to promote health, fitness and fun to the community at large.