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The Sir John Jackson Cup – amazing to think the trophy has been around for over 100 years.

Amazing that think of how many local people have been involved in competing for, winning and losing the Final game of the Jackson Cup.

jackson cup

A trophy that has many stories to tell.


This past weekend, the semifinals did not disappoint.

On Friday night at UVic, it was:

Bays United soccer

Bays United vs Westcastle United

The game was tied at 1-1 after regulation play and 2 x 15 minute extra time halves.

Goals were scored by Jordie Hughes of Bays, and Arbnor Jusufi of Westcastle.

Kicks from the Penalty spot were needed to decide the match, and Bays were victorious.

The Cinderella story of Westcastle was over – and they did not disappoint in this game as well.

So Bays got to sit and watch the next night as that semifinal result would produce their opponent.

bays soccer champs


On Saturday night at Tyndall Turf, it was:

cowichan soccer clubSaanich Fusion

This game was also tight, but was decided late in regulation via late header goal by Jesse Winter.

Also scoring for Cowichan was Dan Cato.

The goal scorer for Saanich Fusion was Andrew Celenza.

Cowichan definitely pushed more of the play and out chanced their opposition. They were given too many chances to get the go ahead goal, and took advantage of a corner kick to seal the deal.

The Final will be Sunday April 3, 2016. It will be played at RAP (Royal Athletic Park) at 2:30 pm.

Bays & Cowichan have had a strong rivalry over the past handful of years.  This game should be no different and have that same intensity..

While the rivalry is strong, another  interesting aspect will be the Hughes brothers battle against each other.

Jordie with Bays & Tyler with Cowichan. 

I’m sure the result of this game may have an effect as to what may be discussed at family dinners in the future.

cowichan soccer1