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VICTORIA- Markus Pukonen is a man on a mission. He has now pogo-sticked, canoed, trimaraned, handcycled, tricycled, kayaked, fat biked, skied, and danced his way 5000km across Canada — and he’s only getting started.

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“I’ve been amazed and inspired by the compassion and kindness of the people I meet along the way. Complete strangers become lifelong friends and then offer me a boat to sail or a cycle to ride. I don’t struggle to find motivation to continue on.” The adventurer plans on spending 1,825 days circumnavigating the planet, in one consecutive trip, without a motor. Hisgoal is to raise $10 million for a sustainable planet.Recently named One of Canada’s Top Explorers, Pukonen began his adventure on July 13, 2015. For the next five years, he will travel the planet using a number of unconventional means of transport. He will be using a canoe, sailboat, skateboard, skis, hand cycle and stand-up paddle board, and he might be spotted walking backwards, running or dancing along his route. As long as it does not involve a motor, it might be part of his journey.

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He started his adventure in Toronto, in the Beaches neighbourhood where he was born. His journey of 82,000 kilometresbegan at the bottom of Silverbirch Avenue, where the ashes of his parents are buried.Along the route he is partnering with small, non-profit organizations that are committed to building a healthy planet forgenerations to come. Each will share his common goal of creating social or environmental change.Routes of Change is currently raising support for Alpine Edibles, Prevent Cancer Now, Clayoquot Action, The PineProject, Atikokan Youth Initiative, Transitions in Kenora, The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, and hundreds more local non profits to come.

People can donate a penny per kilometre that he travels and follow @routesofchange on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,or a live interactive map at

Pukonen studied Documentary Film Production at Capilano University. He combines that passion with his love of a greatadventure to bring his story to a broader audience. He has also been presenting at schools across the country.“I didn’t think I could actually Pogo-stick 10km but the hopping made my body and mind smile and feel strong.”

Born and raised in Toronto, ON, he is based close to his sister and nieces in Tofino, B.C.

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“Lake Superior threatened to tear apart my boat and leave me floating in the frigid waters, the prairie highways left me accepting my own death by motor collision, skiing across the Rockies and BC tested my mental and physical strength to the limits, I rafted into an Ice Dam on the Kootenay River, twice!, but the most fear I have had on the entire trip was when I was told by ski patrol at a mountain resort that I would have to get on a snowmobile or have the RCMP come after me. I didn’t want to go on the run from the cops in order to avoid the motor! Thankfully it didn’t come to that.”

Markus Pukonen and Diana Lesieur of the Whitehall Spirit Rowing Club will soon be rowing 35 km across the Juan de Fuca Strait from Victoria to Port Angeles as weather permits. Markus will then bicycle down the coast to San Francisco where he will board a 30ft sailboat to cross the Pacific Ocean to Asia.

Everyone is welcome to join for the LAUNCH PARTY and Row (or paddle) up the harbour towards the Gorge withMarkus and the folks at the Whitehall Spirit Rowing Club. Join on Friday, March 25th at 1PM at the docks in front of The Regent Hotel. CONTACT: Markus Pukonen at 250 522 2188.