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Wins in varsity eight, novice eight keep the Burnin’ Blade, Hammer trophies in Madison

MADISON, Wis. — The No. 11 Wisconsin women’s rowing team ended a stretch of five straight weekends of regattas with a sharp performance in a dual with Minnesota on Sunday in Minneapolis, capturing some hardware along the way.  

For the second straight weekend the Badgers finished the day with an unblemished recording, taking all seven races against the Golden Gophers at Lake Phalen.

“It was a really great day for us. We came together as a team really well,” head coach Bebe Bryans said. “Everybody had a very singular mission, and we carried that really well. So it was a great dress rehearsal for Big Tens.”

The big showing against UW’s Border Battle rivals included a win in the varsity eight that gave UW the Burnin’ Blade for the fifth time in six years, as well as a novice eight victory to continue UW’s stranglehold on The Hammer that it has won in all six years of the trophy’s existence.

Wisconsin had just two races decided by less than five seconds during the day, as the second varsity eight posted a first-place finish in 6:21.40, slightly less than a four-second margin of victory over the Gophers. The novice eight finished first in 6:28.60, with Minnesota coming in at 6:33.00, to capture The Hammer for the sixth straight season.

The other five races saw UW’s boats finish well clear of Minnesota. In the battle for the Burnin’ Blade, Wisconsin completed the course in 6:08.10, the boat’s fastest time for 2000 meters this season. Minnesota was a distant second in 6:20.20.

“There were no stars today,” Bryans said of the well-rounded team showing. “Everybody stepped up. Everybody performed the goals they had set for themselves.”

Wisconsin’s three varsity four boats all turned in commanding victories, as all three were at least 15 seconds ahead of the Gophers’ boats. The varsity four took the top spot with a time of 6:58.30, 19 seconds ahead of Minnesota. In the second varsity four, UW grabbed first with a time of 7:14.90, which was a 15-second margin of victory. The third varsity four then registered the widest winning margin of the day, finishing more than 40 seconds of Minnesota in 7:18.60.

Wisconsin’s second novice eight started the day out strong with a first-place finish, crossing the finish line 15 seconds ahead of the Gophers in 6:40.90.

“I think we’re on a great trajectory, and we look forward to a weekend off, getting ready for finals and the final push for NCAAs,” Bryans said.

Wisconsin has next weekend off, its first weekend without a regatta since mid-March. UW returns to the water in two weeks for the 2016 Big Ten Championships in Indianapolis on May 14-15.

Minnesota Dual

May 1, 2016

Lake Phalen


2000 meters

Varsity Eight

1. Wisconsin, 6:21.40; 2. Minnesota, 6:20.20

UW lineup: Coxswain Lily Hansen, Maria Schmid, Hannah Schwartz, Anna Knutson, Lexi Siverling, Maddie Wanamaker, Gillian Cooper, Brianna Dahm, Kaitlin McKeogh

Second Varsity Eight

1. Wisconsin, 6:21.40; 2. Minnesota, 6:25.30

UW lineup: Coxswain Katherine Condon, Gabby Simons, Dani Steinberg, Callie Hebert, Megan Whitehouse, Sophia Vitas, Margo Grover, Marissa Gibson, Andrea French

Varsity Four

1. Wisconsin, 6:58.30; 2. Minnesota, 7:17.30

UW lineup: Coxswain Rosie Brezynski, Maren Schultz, Morganne Freeman, Claire Scott, Monica Gerber

Second Varsity Four

1. Wisconsin, 7:14.90; 2. Minnesota, 7:29.80

UW lineup: Coxswain Beth Yudelman, Cheyenne Brandt, Anika Nelson, Lucia Kissinger, Emma Strenski


Third Varsity Four

1. Wisconsin, 7:18.60; 2. Minnesota, 8:04.40

UW lineup: Coxswain Sophia Noguera, Merritt Denham, Jessie Bowden, Lucy Chadderton, Sarah Lueken

Novice Eight

1. Wisconsin, 6:28.60; 2. Minnesota, 6:33.00

UW lineup: Coxswain Jane Merriman, Alicia Evans, Renee Olley, Alison Morrison, Alexandra Lohrenz, Sarah Gibbons, Dominica Wardell, Grace Armstrong, Madison Brunett

Second Novice Eight

1. Wisconsin, 6:40.90; 2. Minnesota, 6:55.70

UW lineup: Coxswain Saylor Martin, Riley Aschenbrenner, Elise Schedler, Niamh Martin, Emily Loohauis, Lauren Ross, Eliza Clifford, Hallie Gross, Olivia Mulford