Bob Nicholson

Bob Nicholson re-elected to IIHF Council as Vice President Four-year term begins for IIHF leadership

(Edmonton, AB) – Earlier today Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) Vice Chair and CEO Bob Nicholson was given a prestigious nod, being unanimously re-elected by the executive of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) as Vice President for IIHF Council. Nicholson will continue his mandate representing the Americas on a new four-year term.

The executive of the IIHF includes 13 voting members and the General Secretary along with Horst Lichtner as a non-voting member. Joining Nicholson are President Rene Fasel and fellow Vice Presidents: Kalervo Kummola representing Europe and Africa, and Thomas Wu for Asia and Oceania.

Nicholson is well seasoned on the global stage, but the recognition and opportunity remain exciting and special for him.

“Any time you are recognized by your peers, especially internationally, it’s a tremendous honour and it brings a whole new feeling as there are so many different cultures and people involved. Canada is very well recognized and I’ve been fortunate to represent our country in this regard for many years,” said Nicholson. “There are 76 countries playing the game of hockey and it is important to building relationships with those nations to grow the game of hockey globally. As OEG’s Vice Chair and CEO, I’m proud to expand my profile and portfolio internationally and talk about Edmonton in an international forum.”

Beyond representing the Americas as IIHF Vice President, the specifics of Nicholson’s mandate will be decided in the next few months. Last term, he was responsible for both overall development internationally and competitions, including all the World Championships at the various levels.

Re-elected President Rene Fasel touched on National Hockey League (NHL) participation in the Olympic Winter Games and other key areas the Council will work toward.

“The success of international ice hockey has been achieved thanks to consensus among stakeholders. Consent and finding compromises are important and our strategy won’t change for the new term,” said Fasel, IIHF President, in his opening speech. He also underlined the goal to continue with NHL participation at the Olympic Winter Games for the sixth consecutive time, the Champions Hockey League that concluded its second season, ice hockey in Asia and the growth of women’s hockey.

The 2016 IIHF Annual Congress also elected two IIHF Auditors for a four-year term. Outgoing Council member Christer Englund, who didn’t run for re-election after retiring as President of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, was elected to this new role and Fabio Oetterli was re-elected in this position.

Elections for the IIHF Council 2016-2020:
IIHF President:
Rene Fasel, Switzerland, unanimous vote

IIHF Vice Presidents:
Kalervo Kummola, Finland, unanimous vote
Bob Nicholson, Canada, unanimous vote
Thomas Wu, Hong Kong, unanimous vote
Chunlu (Lucy) Wang, China
IIHF Council members (female):
Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer, Hungary, 77 votes
Marta Zawadzka, Poland, 63 votes

Not elected:
Monique Scheier-Schneider, Luxembourg

IIHF Council members (male and female):
Franz Reindl, Germany, 81
Vladislav Tretiak, Russia, 78
Luc Tardif, France, 72
Henrik Bach Nielsen, Denmark, 70
Sergej Gontcharov, Belarus, 52
Ron DeGregorio, USA, 46
Petr Briza, Czech Republic, 44

Not elected:
Peter Forsberg, Sweden
Igor Nemecek, Slovakia
Frank Gonzalez, Spain
Matjaz Rakovec, Slovenia
Vidar Gardarsson, Iceland
Joaquin de la Garma, Mexico
Robert van Rijswijk, Netherlands
Monique Scheier-Schneider, Luxembourg
IIHF Auditors:
Christer Englund, Sweden, 78 votes
Fabio Oetterli, Switzerland, 68 votes
Not elected:
Andrea Gios, Italy