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Baylor football deserves the death penalty after sex scandal


Written By Terry Foster

The NCAA has it wrong. It is more likely to shut down a program for illegal recruiting than crimes that involve sex.

That must change but it won’t.

The next test case will involve the Baylor Bears, a program that preached high morals but is more tainted than any program in the nation. This program deserves the death penalty because officials from the president’s office to the football office did all it could to run interference and ignore testimony from women who claimed rape by Bear football players.

This program does not deserve a second chance. It is time to shut it down for two or three years to let other schools know this won’t be tolerated. Baylor had at least a five-year history of allowing women to be abused on campus. A number of its players were sent to jail finally. But a number continue to play despite evidence of sexual abuse against them.

Shut it down.

Defenders say that things like this happen on every college campus where football or men’s basketball is king. Maybe so. But this abuse happened too often and for too long of a period. Not only did the men that wore the coach’s shirt know about it but the men that wear the shirts and ties turned a blind eye also.

Former Baylor coach Art Briles is nowhere to be found these days. He was sent out of Waco with shame written all over him following one of the worse sex scandals in college sports.

He is a man that ignored what was going on under his nose and he joins a police force and administration that ran interference as football players raped and had their way with Baylor co-eds.

This was a school that preached integrity, good citizenship and morals. It was the mantra for all of Baylor’s students except members of the football team.

Would you send your daughter there?

Football is big business and the school knew it has to keep the supply of talent coming to fuel a football monster that generated millions of dollars and community pride. That meant more to Briles and the administration than the safety of women.

That is the bottom line on why the school announced that President Ken Starr is being demoted to chancellor and Briles is being fired as head coach. And Baylor informed the NCAA of possible rules violations.

“Baylor failed to take appropriate reports of sexual assault and dating violence reportedly committed by football players,” wrote the Pepper Hamilton a Philadelphia law firm hired by the school. “The choices made by the football staff and athletic leadership, in some instances, posed a risk to campus safety and the integrity of the university.

“In certain instances, including reports of a sexual assault by multiple football players, athletics and football personnel affirmatively chose not to report sexual violence and dating violence to an appropriate administrator outside of athletics. In those instances, football coaches or staff met directly with complainant and did not report the misconduct.”

There have been several sexual assault complaints that were ignored by the school and possibly covered up by the Waco police. That is why a death penalty for the school should be on the table. This cover up went from the top to the bottom.

Briles was caught lying when he was told by former Boise State coach Chris Peterson about violent tendencies of Sam Ukwuachu who ended up at Baylor. Briles said Peterson never told him this and suggested Ukwuachu simply wanted to be closer to home.

Peterson said that was not true.

Ukwuachu was convicted of sexual assault in 2015.

The school is being praised by some for taking action against Briles. It does not deserve it. Baylor only acted when it was caught.

Briles sent an email to his players wishing them luck and admitting his days are done there. Typically players defended their coach and cried injustice against their coach. They can be defended in that they are young and selfish and loyal to a man that gave them an opportunity to play Division I football.

Hopefully they grow up and realize this is the best decision for their school and society. It is the right move to clean house.

Briles is likely done as a college head coach. However, he could turn up as an NFL assistant coach. Baylor fans were worried that he’d leave the program for the University of Texas. However, he is damaged goods now because of greed and feeding the football factory that made Baylor a household name.

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