Wisconsin womens lightweight rowing team

Badgers win two medals, place third in team standings

WEST WINDSOR, N.J.– The Wisconsin women’s lightweight rowing team concluded its season at the 2016 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championships, taking home the lightweight four national title, as well as a second-place finish in the double and a fourth-place finish in the eight.
With 30 team points, as only the eight and four counted in IRA scoring, UW placed third in the points standings. Back-to-back national champion Stanford finished with 34 points, followed by Boston University with 30 points.

“Today was definitely a step in the right direction for the lightweight program,” UW head coach Dusty Mattison said, “and the four led the way. The race was powerful and committed the entire way down. They were confident in their speed and were able to stay nice and relaxed and just powered to bring it through.”

Wisconsin’s four, made up of coxswain Audrey Dalgarno, Gabriela Purman, Mirha Girt, Mackenzie Whiteside and Marilyn Garberg, took the clear lead of its grand final even before the halfway point of the course. The Badgers raced the 2,000 meters in 7 minutes, 38.650 seconds to claim the program’s fifth lightweight four IRA national title.

The double rounded out the weekend for Wisconsin, securing a silver-medal finish in the grand final. The duo challenged Boston University until the end, finishing less than one second behind the Terriers with a 7 minutes, 55.290 second final time.

“They were down a little bit from the start, but didn’t get frazzled and knew that they had the power and fitness to be able to come back,” Mattison said. “Thats exactly what they did, they just continued to move inch by inch and just barely were squeaked out by BU. 

“What it shows with those two boats, with a larger group of underclassmen in them, is that we have the individuals to be able to continue to progress the program in the right direction.”

The lightweight eight started off the day for Wisconsin, narrowly missing the podium in its grand final but showing a strong performance, taking fourth place with a final time of 7 minutes, 0.490 seconds.

“With the eight there was a little bit of disappointment in terms of the results, but when it comes down to it, we talked about their performance and how they felt about it, and that was what they could do. 

“We are where we are right now, and we know that we have a lot of hard work in this next year or two, but with the personnel that we have, we definitely see that we have the potential there and we just need to keep increasing the standards, which is exciting because it’s going to mean finding performances that I don’t think we’ve probably seen yet at Wisconsin. With the level of competition right now, we’re going to have to do that. We’re going to have to do that to be competitive and we know that the girls are ready for the challenge.”

2016 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championships
Mercer Lake
West Windsor, N.J.
June 5, 2016
2000 meters

2016 IRA Lightweight Team Trophies
1. Stanford, 34 points
2. Boston University, 30 points
3. Wisconsin, 30 points
4. Radcliffe, 29 points
5. MIT, 18 points
6. Princeton, 18 points

Lightweight Eight- Grand Final
1. Stanford, (6:40.480); 2. Boston University, (6:43.420); 3. Radcliffe, (6:47.420); 4. Wisconsin, (7:00.490); 5. MIT, (7:02.160); 6. Princeton, (7:11.580)
UW Lineup: Coxswain Eleanor Martin, Kathryne Ruffalo, Julia Glueck, Janet Titzler, Helena Randle, Brianna Wynne, Jennifer Kish, Agathe Denis, Stephanie Meder

Lightweight Four- Grand Final
1. Wisconsin, (7:38.650); 2. UMass, (7:42.660); 3. Stanford, (7:44.380); 4. Radcliffe, (7:48.930); 5. Boston University, (7:49.850); 6. Tulsa, (8:03.980)
UW Lineup: Coxswain Audrey Dalgarno, Gabriela Purman, Mirha Girt, Mackenzie Whiteside, Marilyn Garberg

Lightweight Double Sculls- Grand Final
1. Boston University, (7:54.400); 2. Wisconsin, (7:55.290); 3. Stanford, (8:07.380); 4. Tulsa, (8:12.460); 5. Radcliffe, (8:13.780); 6. Princeton, (8:40.610)
UW Lineup: Emma Landauer, Ariel Tallo