Statement:From Chairs of the WADA and IOC Athlete Committees

Beckie Scott

Statement from Claudia Bokel Chair of the IOC Athlete Commission and Beckie Scott Chair of the WADA Athlete Committee on the decision of the IAAF to uphold and continue the current suspension of the Russian Federation:


The Chairs of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and the WADA Athlete Committee, together with their members and thousands of clean athletes from around the world across all sports, commend and support today’s decision by the IAAF. We have spent many hours listening to athletes from every corner of the globe and ensuring their views are represented. We hold this decision as symbolic that the voices of the clean athletes have been heard.

We recognize that this decision is only one step in the process of ensuring that the Rio Olympic Games will have a level playing field.  But, we are heartened to see that the facts as presented by WADA and the IAAF task force have been considered thoroughly, and that the evidence has lead the IAAF to make decisions based on integrity – maintaining clean sport as a central policy.

Athletes of the world remain optimistic that the Olympic Games will continue to be a place of equality, justice and fair competition. A place where politics does not trump principle, and where those in power uphold the values central to the heart of the movement.

We are awaiting the release of the Independent report from Richard McLaren and are hopeful that upcoming decisions by the IOC regarding Russia’s participation in the Olympic games will reflect the evidence and information provided.

Scott Harrigan
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