Villains continue to dominate now on a 4 game winning streak

Margarita Villains roller derby

Photo Credit: Amus Productions, Inc

Margarita Villains extend their win streak to four, besting Rainier Roller Girls at home

Victoria B.C.: The Margarita Villains continue to be a force to be reckoned with on the flat track after defeating the Seattle-based Rainier Roller Girls 166-79 Saturday night at Archie Browning Arena in Esquimalt.

Eves’ head announcer, C-3Ph0, says the Villains blockers’ strong Victorian walls contributed to their success. The Wife of Wrath, who was awarded MVP Blocker by Rainier, agreed that the team’s hard work on their defensive walls was a key factor on the track.

The MVP jammer for the Villains was Tina F. Lawless, who also credited the strong defensive performance of her team for the victory:

“I’ve never won MVP before so this is really exciting. The blockers made it really easy for me to jam; they made holes when I needed them and otherwise kept the Rainier jammers contained.”

The Margarita Villains, meanwhile, named Molly Duker as the MVP for the Rainier Roller Girls. Molly Duker had particular success with her one-on-one blocking throughout the game, something she has been working on as a personal goal this season. She was often the last blocker containing the jammer at the front of the pack, much to the frustration of the Villains!

Prior to the headlining match, the Eves’ junior team, The Rotten Apples, fell to Comox Valley’s Stone Cold Stellas 218-161. The Apples, who lost to the Stellas earlier in the season, were looking for their first win of 2016. The Rotten Apples dominated the Stellas in the first half of the game: outscoring their opponents 96-82. The second half went heavily in the Stellas favour after the Apples ran into penalty trouble.

The Wife of Wrath, who also coaches The Rotten Apples says:

“The Apples struggled with penalties in the second half, which allowed the Stellas to run up the score. Overall the Apples played really well though and had strong leadership from their veteran skaters and two co-captains, Femme Fatality and Termiate-her. I was especially impressed with Peanut Butter n’Slam, who played in her first bout ever, and Bleeding Gums Murphy, who joined our team this season and is coming back from an injury. The Apples have worked hard and come a long way this season.”

Soul Eater was named game MVP for the Rotten Apples, with Teeny Takasmashi taking it home for the Stone Cold Stellas.

Derby returns to Greater Victoria in just two weeks’ time, with the annual Pride Bout. The first game will feature two mixed-up Eves teams: The Rainbow Riders vs. The Glitter Bombs. This will be followed by a match-up of the Eves’ A-Team versus Northwest Derby Company, out of Bremerton, WA.

Doors open at 5 pm, seats are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Tickets can be purchased online, or at Logan’s Pub, Hive Hair and The Esquimalt Recreation Centre.


The Eves of Destruction Roller Derby League was formed in 2006, and has over 80 players, refs, and officials, and features five teams. EOD’s A-Team, The Belles of the Brawl, The Margarita Villains, The Hard Cores and the gender-inclusive Juniors, The Rotten Apples, made up of players aged 10-18.