Canadians to Officiate on the World Stage

FIL U19 lacrosse

Canadians to Officiate on the World Stage at the FIL U19 Men’s World Championship

OTTAWA, ON – With the 2016 FIL U19 Men’s World Championship quickly approaching, the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Canadian officials that were selected to take part in the event.

These individuals have worked tirelessly over the years to learn the rules of the game, honing their skills at the local, provincial and national levels. Just like an athlete or coach, getting the opportunity to participate at an international competition is a tremendous accomplishment for an official.

“We are all very excited to have been selected to represent the Canadian Lacrosse community at the 2016 U19 World Championship this summer,” said New Brunswick referee Steve O’Shaughnessy. “It will be a great experience and I know that all of the officials involved are truly looking forward to it.”

The referees journey to the U19 World Championship began with a selection camp at the 2015 CLA Field Lacrosse National Championships. The camp included multiple levels of physical testing and rules testing, as well as a variety of on-field evaluations on rule knowledge, game mechanics, and in-game situations.

They will continue to be held to a high standard by FIL once they arrive on-site. Prior to taking the field, each referee will have to pass a fitness test and rules test. They have to be on the top of their game when taking the field with some of quickest and most talented athletes in the world.

The Canadian contingent includes six on-field referees and two assessors. The man in charge of the officials at the event is Dave Goulet, a long-time Canadian field lacrosse official with over 20 years experience. This is his first appointment as Referee in Chief (RIC) for a FIL event, after having been selected as Deputy RIC on two previous occasions.


Lee Brien (BC)

Mike Drake (ON)

Steve O’Shaughnessy (NB)

Jon Bennett (AB)

Greg Fancett (ON)

Ed Moffat (BC)


Al Sleightholme (BC)

  • Brian Huntley (ON)


Referee in Chief

  • Dave Goulet (BC)


Congratulations to all of the officials selected. While they may be wearing the black and white stripes, there is no doubt that they are representing the red and white of Canada.